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Give Yourself a Push

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on November 11th, 2019

If you know me well, you know that working out is central to my being. Monday through Saturday you’ll find me at the gym in the morning. If travel or work interferes with this, it’s certain that I’ll do that workout in the evening or add one on Sunday morning. Working out keeps me centered, makes me feel good in general.

As I mentioned a while ago, I also try to attend yoga once a week. There’s a 5:30 pm class at my local YMCA, which fits nicely into my schedule. It’s a the end of the normal workday; we’re more than halfway through the workweek; I like the instructor who runs the class. Additionally, the Y is near my husband’s office, so he’ll workout, and we’ll meet after my class for dinner on the town.

However, there are those weeks where I debate whether I should attend, especially with the time change. Now, when I head to the Y it’s already dark outside. And cold. Why leave my cozy home office to go into the cold New Hampshire night?

Then there’s also the tricky part of yoga. Although I’m a fit person, I find yoga to be my most challenging workout. It’s not the stretching, bending, or attaining certain poses that troubles me. Nope, it’s the mental aspect. I try to focus on what my body feels or finding an inner zen, but for a majority of the class I am thinking about the never-ending checklists of life. When I realize that, I redirect my mind to the zen I’m seeking. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

So, between the cold, the dark, and the challenging mental part of yoga, I often think about texting my husband that I’m not going. Then I think about it- what good would it do me to stay home? I’m not going to get anything done. I’m going to be lazy.

With those thoughts in mind, I get myself ready for yoga class. Of course, this determination doesn’t create a miraculous yoga class. It’s not like I show up and suddenly the skies clear and I’m able to focus only on yoga. No, not at all. However, as class ends, I feel pretty darn good. I got a great stretch; I worked on my focus. I was productive.

The moral of this story is pretty simple: Sometimes it’s good to push yourself. The thing you dread/avoid could be that which makes you feel accomplished.


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