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Fitness Focus

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on July 29th, 2013

boxingI always have enjoyed being active, but at some point after having children, I decided that the running around that I did with them was enough to be considered exercise.  About seven years ago, when my kids were older elementary aged, I decided that as they were beginning to be independent of me, it was time for me to more independent also.  At that time I began exercising for me.

Over the last seven years, I have discovered that I absolutely love incorporating fitness into my life.  Six days a week, I start my day with a workout, switching between cardio and strength training.  It allows me to focus on me before I immerse myself in work.  When I travel, I am sure to pack my workout gear and plan on how and where I will be able to exercise.

As I’ve become more focused on my fitness, I’ve learned that change is good.  Not only does it help to avoid boredom, which leads to poorer performance during a workout, it helps to keep oneself in top form.  Over the last five years, I have found a number of great ideas on our fitness publication, My Fitness Tunes.  It was there that I discovered planks, which I added to my core routine.  Since then I’ve learned a variety of options for planks that allows me to change things up.

Having the support of friends and family is also useful for keeping my workout current.  Two of my children are serious high school athletes, and they often share new-to-them exercises with me.  My husband also appreciates my passion for fitness and has introduced me to new forms of exercise, such as a heavy bag.  At first, I wondered what he was thinking, but I now absolutely adore my boxing workouts.  There’s quite like getting some good cardio and taking out your frustrations at the same time.

I know fitness isn’t something that everyone enjoys.  For me, it is a focal part of my day.  Maybe your focus is reading, gardening, or kayaking.  Whatever it is, find that thing that inspires you, and make time on a weekly basis (or more often) to focus on you.


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