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Turning Four

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on July 2nd, 2012

I have been writing highlight articles on the first Monday of the month for about half a year on Editorially Yours.  However, the first of July isn’t like the first of any other month, as it Wasabi Media Group’s birthday.  This past Sunday WMG became a four year old company.  During this time period we have seen our publication quantity increase from sixteen to ninety-one articles per week.  Additionally, we’ve grown from a company staffed by eight team members to a team of thirty-five.

With this growth, we have doubly fortunate.  First, we have been able to provide our readers with a greater amount of articles, a regular schedule of design changes, and more interesting features.  We think this makes WMG a more useful and inspiring resource.

Second, we have been able to give back to the community. Last year we celebrated the company’s birthday by hosting a charity contest and making a donation to Shelter Box.  This year we decided to do something closer to home.  Although Wasabi Media Group currently is based in Manchester, New Hampshire, it initially was hatched in the neighboring community of Litchfield.  To align with our goal of engaging minds, we wanted to help engage the mind of one graduating senior at Campbell High School.  Thus, we created the Wasabi Media Group Scholarship, which recognized one senior who was in the top tier of English students.  All applicants submitted an essay, which were judged by the editing team.  After much deliberation, a winner was chosen and was awarded the scholarship at the Senior Awards Night at the beginning of June.

As we begin our fifth year, I look forward to even more growth and innovation, which will make Wasabi Media Group an even greater resource for our readers.

Happy birthday, WMG!



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