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September 9th, 2019

Making Aftercare a Club Effort

The most exciting two minutes in sports.

If I were to ask most people what they know about horse racing, that would be what they would reference. Horse racing is the Kentucky Derby. That would have been the answer I gave about fifteen years ago. Since then I've learned about racing, specifically Thoroughbred, at almost all of its levels. From the $5k claimers to the G1 races, there's a lot to love about horse racing.

Yet, there's even more to this sport. Like

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September 4th, 2019

Taking Time Off

I usually publish my Editorially Thoughts column on Mondays, but this week was Labor Day. Who's reading random blogs on a holiday? Not many is the answer I'm sure. I thought about giving myself the week off, but as I just returned to writing this column on a weekly basis, I decided it was better to stay in the habit and publish a couple days later.

With the long weekend in mind I am focusing on the aspect of time off. When that concept pops into mind,

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August 26th, 2019

A Shift in Gears

Isn't it funny how life can make you contradict yourself at the snap of your fingers? Not even a month ago, I wrote about my role as the Program Director at Wasabi Ventures Academy and that it plays a smaller role in my current work schedule. That still is an accurate statement, but it does need tweaking.

Shortly after I wrote and published that blog post, I received an email offering me a role as a judge at the Startup Showcase for IgniteU's summer program. (You

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August 19th, 2019

Diving into WSET Level 3

As I mentioned last week, I started the WSET Level 3 course. Many of the suppositions I made about the program were correct.

  1. I am one of the older (although not the oldest) person in the class. It doesn't bother me. I assumed many of the students would be younger.
  2. Many of the students work in the food and beverage industry. That's a no brainer. As a food blogger, I'm on the very fringe of that industry, which is fine with me.
  3. There is a lot to learn.
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August 12th, 2019

My Current Roles- Part 4

My fourth role, although my newest, is in some ways the one I have had for the longest period of time. I'm a student. Again. I always like to think of myself as a lifelong learner, but in this case I'm taking an actual course. Tomorrow I attend my first class in the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 certification course.

Where, why, and how did this wine education begin? I'll start with the easy part- where. In September 2017 my husband I traveled

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August 5th, 2019

My Current Roles- Part 3

There's a clown in every group.

Next month marks the two year anniversary for my third role, which is at Wasabi Ventures Stables. Conveniently, I just expanded my role there, giving me a double title: Community Evangelist and Director of Aftercare. However, before I delve into these roles, I'm going to transport you with the wayback time machine.

As a child I was not one of those girls who was in love with horses. I didn't dislike them, but I didn't read horse novels, take riding

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