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Returning to Former Roles at Work

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on August 18th, 2014

editingIf you haven’t performed the tasks involved in a role, it can be difficult to explain them.  Although you may understand what is required, the experience of actually completing the task may highlight unexpected problems or shortcuts.  At PeKu, I have grown with the company, and thus I know the roles of writer, editor, marketing coordinator, and CEO.  However, even though I have worn all of those hats at one time or another, it is good to return to those roles occasionally.

Obviously, I experience the work of a CEO daily.  I also work in the role of a writer for two columns each week.  The marketing coordinator role was just filled in June, so I still am quite familiar with that.  It is the role of associate editor in which I spend the least of time.  I haven’t worked in the role on a regular basis since June of 2010.  Thankfully I have the opportunity to fill in for my editors a couple times a year when they are on vacation.

For the past two weeks I have been working as an associate editor.  While it certainly does add more items to my plate, I am grateful for this experience. Covering all of the tasks has been a valuable experience for a number of reasons:

  • It gave me a chance to see the raw work of our writers. Although I review potential writers, once they are part of our team I don’t see the writers’ work until after editing has been completed. Working as an editor has given me a glimpse into the talents of our team.
  • Editing provided me with the opportunity to review our editorial workspace.  I found guidelines that needed to be deleted, reworded, and even added. Although I do regular housekeeping, putting myself fully in this role allowed me to see where a little straightening was needed.
  • It sparked my creativity. Immersing myself in this role gave me time to consider new topics, new collaborations, and more.

While my days may have been a bit longer, there were many rewards for the effort.  Taking the time to fill another’s role truly was valuable for me. It is good to see the world of PeKu from a different vantage point.


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