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Help for the Holiday Season

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on November 3rd, 2011

As I look out the window of the East Coast office of WMG, I can’t help but think that it looks a lot like the holiday season.  Located in New Hampshire, we were the recipient of eight inches of snow. . .and four days without power.  However, while it looks more like a snowy New Year’s Eve outside, a little weather math will show that actually we’re still celebrating Halloween here:

8 inches of snow + no power = Halloween postponed until November 6th

Trick or treating aside, it is the time of year that we begin to think about the holidays.  I know that in my house, my husband and I have begun discussing the menu for Thanksgiving and have asked our children if they have any ideas on their Christmas lists.  While we aren’t early shoppers, we have started to think about the presents we’ll need to buy and ship to farther away relatives and what sort of cards we want to send.

I have met many people who love the holiday season but become overwhelmed by the planning, shopping, cooking, etc. that are involved.  While I haven’t found a way to have Wasabi Media Group complete those tasks for others (or myself for that matter), it is a great source for holiday inspiration.

In particular, our beverage publication, Parched No More, is a great source of information for seasonal spirits.  We recently added a new feature, Ask the Bartender.  In this column, our staff bartender answers all of your cocktail making questions.  If you can’t find the answer you seek, submit your own query!

We also have a collection of beer and wine reviews available.  Let our reviewers help you determine which beers to buy by the case and which should simply be used as dishwashing liquid.  For wines, we have two distinct approaches to reviews.  First, we have Budget-Friendly Wine Reviews, which will help you find excellent wines that cost fifteen dollars or less.  Second, we have Classic Wine Reviews, which will help you find wines worthy of drinking on a daily to yearly basis.

Being a beverage publication, we also can assist with other drink planning.  Whether you are seeking a spirit to give as a gift or a cocktail recipe to serve at your holiday celebration, you can find those at Parched No More.

As the pace of the holiday season increases, don’t worry about how to find the right beverage for the adults at your party.  Just let Parched No More be your guide.


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