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From the CEO of a Media Empire

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on September 21st, 2011

Did the title catch your eye as I hoped it would?

The title is a little truth and a lot of exaggeration.  Yes, I am the CEO of Wasabi Media Group, but it is not a media empire.  We are growing at a steady pace and have made much progress in our 3+ years, but we are short of being an empire.  However, after working with our financial analyst intern this week, I discovered that many companies are quite comfortable with exaggeration.  I don’t mean a simple stretching of the truth, such as saying you have 2 million readers when you actually have 1.8 million.  I mean portraying your company as being 30 to 50 times bigger than it is.

I was shocked by the thought that a competitor of ours (who won’t be named) would declare that their traffic numbers were 30 times higher than ours when their Alexa rank shows them to be 200,000 spots below us.  The math simply doesn’t work. Why would a company want to exaggerate so greatly when it is easily disproved?  I, for one, do not have an answer to that question.

Looking across our sites, it can be shown quite quickly how exaggeration is present in all subjects:

  • Politics– According to the author, Ron Paul exaggerated during the debate on September 12th.  Reading various reviews of the debate, they showed that other authors felt that other candidates also exaggerated facts.
  • Gaming- A recent review of the video game, A Vampire Romance, declared that the game included neither vampires nor romance, making its title quite deceiving.
  • Humor– This would be the exception to the rule.  It is the appropriate place for exaggeration; it is what makes many jokes deliver so well.

While exaggeration may be prevalent, it is something which we strive to avoid at Wasabi Media Group.  We may provide opinions that differ from those of our readers, but we aim to provide articles worthy of respect.


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