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A Balancing Act

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on August 19th, 2013

Help the EarthOur house has central air conditioning.  Living in New England, we need it for a decent portion of the summer, especially as we have a multi-floor house.  The first floor may be comfortable, but the second and third floors can become quite uncomfortable.

Keeping the house the correct temperature is a matter of balance.  First, I am perpetually cold.  As I type this, my toes are approximately ice cube temperature, although the rest of me is warmer.  So, for me, the higher temperatures and humidity aren’t bothersome, but for the rest of my family I know it becomes uncomfortable and makes sleep more difficult.

The second part of the balancing act, for me, is considering the environment.  Is it necessary to run the air conditioner, or are we just using gobs of energy when opening a window would suffice?  While the comfort of my family is important, so is it important to use resources wisely.  Turning the air conditioner off for a day, only to turn it on the next day is also impractical.

Thus, I try to watch the weather forecast and make decisions based on a multi-day approach.  If we will have a stretch of cooler days and nights, then the air conditioner is turned off.  If it is only a one-day spell, then the air conditioner stays on.  I also keep the room at a moderate temperature.  I should not need to be bundled in a sweatshirt and socks nor should members of my family be perspiring while indoors.

As with the air conditioner debate, I find it easy to focus on the comfort and care of ourselves, sometimes to the exclusion of the environment.  I think that is one of the reasons that I like the Be Green Info Quick Tips column so much.  Filled with simple ideas, it allows me to consider ways to care for the planet.  Sometimes this is a springboard for bigger projects, and other times it is just a quick solution. Either way, it helps Earth, which is a win.

With another month or so of summer-like weather ahead of us, I am sure I will be watching the weather to determine the best status for our central air.  Here’s to keeping a balance that works for everyone and everything!


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