Wasabi Media Group Achieves Massive Gains in Readership

by Gennadiy D on September 28th, 2010

SAN MATEO, CA- Wasabi Media Group (WMG), an online publishing company, is reaching new Internet heights. Averaging one million page views monthly, WMG now is within the top 5,000 websites, according to Quantcast.

Since its inception in June 2008, this media company has made steady progress. Starting with one website dedicated to food, WMG now encompasses twenty-four niche website, covering everything from aerobics to zoology. Filled with timely articles and newsworthy videos, each site aims to stimulate the minds and imaginations of their readers.

While each of the twenty-four properties has its own niche topic, they also are organized by channel. One such channel is the lifestyle channel, which includes travel, beverages, food, shopping, and weddings. This organization enables readers to find related information, such as the perfect wine to pair with a meal, much more easily.

“Having nurtured the growth of Wasabi Media Group since its inception, I am pleased with the advances WMG has made. We look to the future excitedly, eager to share new features with our audience,” said Michele Pesula Kuegler, CEO of Wasabi Media Group. “One area in which we will be expanding is expert advice. Currently, we work with specialists on several of our properties, which have received positive feedback. As WMG grows, so will our team of experts.”

In addition to the growth in audience and content, Wasabi Media Group also has grown in advertising opportunities. Text and visual advertising opportunities are available at many of the niche publications, through which advertisers can accurately target their markets. Sponsorships also are available for specific pages, such as their popular Ask the Doctor section.

Wasabi Media Group is a subsidiary of Wasabi Ventures, which is a different kind of venture capital firm made up of three distinct, but connected aspects: venture funding, start up advising, and incubation. For more information about Wasabi Media Group go to or contact Michele Kuegler at

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