Your Parenting Info Website Presents New Column Featuring Advice and Solutions to Parenting Problems

by Gennadiy D on June 14th, 2012

Manchester, NH-Wasabi Media Group’s parenting website, Your Parenting Info, has added a new column as of March 22, 2012. Titled “Parenting Predicament,” the new column offers parents solutions to problems they have encountered in raising their children.

The topics of the questions vary, and each solution comes complete with tips from other parents on how to deal with the issue. Jane Wangersky, Associate Editor of Wasabi Media Group, states, “We hope to connect parents who need help with experts who can give them fast, concrete advice — and also with the experienced parents among our many readers. If you can’t see which way to go with your kids, ask us.” The most recent predicament, dealing with separation anxiety in infants, gives the reader a method to help the parent leave his or her child for short periods of time. Readers can submit questions to the writers at Your Parenting Info at each individual “Parenting Predicament” article page, or in the “Parenting Predicament” archives.

Your Parenting Info is a website designed to help readers understand children and become better parents. It is one of many websites run by Wasabi Media Group, an online-based media company delivering original quality content in each of its 24 unique websites. The websites cover such topics as entertainment, health and fitness, and style, among others.

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