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What Can Forskolin Do?

by Editorial Team on February 28th, 2018

A forskolin supplement may help you with asthma, urinary tract infections, and even weight loss. This supplement comes from the roots of a plant grown in India called the Indian Coleus. In this article, we explore what forskolin can treat and if it is really effective. Learn more about this unique supplement below.

Buying a Supplement
Websites like Consumer Advisors provide reviews and information about different supplement brands, so you can read about the best brand worth your money. Forskolin is quite expensive, and should not have any unusual binders or fillers. One dose should have 500 mg of forskolin, which is enough to produce positive effects. Consult your doctor to see if forskolin can help you; some doctors recommend taking this supplement for certain health conditions. Keep in mind if you are pregnant, nursing, or have high blood pressure, forskolin is not the right supplement for you.

Benefits of Forskolin
Forskolin’s capabilities come from its ability to raise the levels of cyclic AMP (or cAMP) in your brain. cAMP helps signal hormones like glucagon and adrenaline, alerting your heart to pump faster and raises the glucose count in your bloodstream. This supplement helps treat many disorders and diseases, such as:
heart disease
urinary tract infections
psoriasis (itchy skin)

How exactly does forskolin help? High cAMP levels relaxes throat muscles, making it easier for someone to breathe if they are suffering from an asthma attack. For glaucoma, some research has shown that this supplement can relieve pressure on the eye. There was also a study done that showed improved heart function after taking forskolin supplements. Although it cannot treat a UTI on its own, forskolin has shown to improve the antibiotics effects. It flushes out an increased amount of bacteria in order to get rid of the infection. In the past, it has been used in ancient Indian medicine, or Ayurvedic medicine, to treat painful urination. Another Ayurvedic use for forskolin is to treat the itchy, dry skin caused by psoriasis. However, there is no modern research to prove its effectiveness.

Can Forskolin Help You Lose Weight?
Recently, forskolin has entered Western medicine to be used as a weight loss pill. As it raises the cAMP levels in your bloodstream, it releases glucagon, a hormone that raises your glucose count. It is basically the opposite of insulin, which is then triggered by high glucose levels. Both glucagon and insulin balance the glucose level in your blood. Due to its increase of glucagon, forskolin helps metabolize glucose while also burning extra fat cells. This was proven in a study where obese men lost weight and increased their overall body mass index after taking forskolin supplements. However, there need to be more studies that show similar results to prove that this supplement really is effective.

Side Effects
Unfortunately, forskolin has severe side effects. Some of these are
thinning of your blood
low blood pressure
blood clots
enlarged blood vessels in the eye
This is why it is important to consult your doctor when taking forskolin to treat any medical conditions.

Forskolin: Is It Worth It?
This herb has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, treating UTIs and itchy skin. It has been proven to help with various health conditions, and some studies even show that it can help you lose weight. However, the long list of side effects seems daunting and may not be worth enduring more unpleasant symptoms on top of what you’re already suffering from. Treatment depends on the person, so forskolin may be helpful to you but can cause many adverse side effects in someone else.

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