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Week 1 in Hot Springs

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on February 4th, 2020
My daily view

What can I say? It’s very good to be back in Hot Springs.

In the mere week we have been here, I’ve been reminded how kind and friendly the people are here. Let the multitude of examples (in a five day span) begin.

I returned to the same gym that I used last year. On one of my visits there, two different people welcomed me back to the gym, remembered I was from New Hampshire, and also remembered my name. Their genuine happiness at my return was so kind.

The kindness continues almost everywhere you go. Using a self checkout at the grocery store, I managed to make the need assistance light go off. Yay, me. The clerk came to help, as expected, but also made pleasant conversation. When I returned a couple days later, she saw and greeted me, remembering me as the woman from New Hampshire with Thoroughbreds. I shopped consistently at the same store in New Hampshire for years, but no one remembered me or seemed quite as friendly.

This friendliness continues. We had dinner at the bar at the Bleu Monkey Grill the other night. I know a bartender should be friendly, but our bartender, Courtney, was even more so. Although she never stopped moving because there was a steady flow of customers, she recognized that we were new to the restaurant and took the time to get to know us as she filled orders.

I also went to the library this week, both to get a non-resident card and to use it as a workspace. When I went to the counter to get my card, all of the librarians were busy. I was waiting patiently, but a staff member saw me waiting and immediately called behind the counter for another librarian to assist me. My librarian was thorough and thoughtful, as she reviewed all of the information and offered to help with anything I might need. Although I know that’s how it should be, it doesn’t always happen, so I appreciate it when I receive exceptional service.

This kindness reminds me that when I’m out, I need to exhibit that same warmth. Maybe because it’s colder in New Hampshire, we often keep our heads down and move quickly. Here, I feel the need to pay attention to where I’m walking and greet others with a smile and hello. I want to be part of this group this is so kind and friendly.

All of this kindness and warmth reinforce that we’ve chosen a great place for the first stop in our year on the road.


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