Wasabi Media Group Announces the Launch of the Giggle Chuckle Party

by Gennadiy D on February 29th, 2012

Manchester, NH- Wasabi Media Group (WMG), an Internet-based publisher, announces the launch of the Giggle Chuckle Party. Developed on their comedy publication, Giggle Chuckle, this new section aims to provide a humorous view of the presidential election.

The Giggle Chuckle Party (GCP) was created by Ronald A. Rowe, one of the columnists at Giggle Chuckle. Taking a fresh perspective of what presidential candidates need to be, Ron has cultivated a political party and candidate that are entertaining, engaging, and satirical.

Using wittiness to their advantage, the GCP has promoted their candidate with slogans, such as:

  • Remember, a vote for Rowe is a vote against some other guy.
  • Vote Rowe. The other guys are losers.
  • You might as well vote Rowe. What does the President do, anyway?

While this candidacy will hold no weight in any of the primaries, caucuses, or conventions, the Giggle Chuckle Party is an innovative way to laugh amid all of the phone calls, advertisements, and rallies between now and November.

“As an online media company that publishes only original content, it is the creativity and knowledge of our writers that provide value to our publications. The creation of the Giggle Chuckle Party is a fine example of the talented team of writers that work for Wasabi Media Group,” stated CEO/Editor-in-Chief, Michele Pesula Kuegler.

To learn more about the Giggle Chuckle Party, visit their page. You also can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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