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Twinkling Lights, Homemade Treats, & Some Time Off

by Editorial Team on December 12th, 2015

holiday lightsWe are a full week into December, and the holidays are in full swing, even at PeKu. Last week on Think Tasty and Holidays Helper, we highlighted Hanukkah with an assortment of craft projects, book suggestions, and delicious recipes. Next week we will be focusing on Christmas on both of those sites. Plus, at Your Parenting Info we will have great advice for handling the holidays with children of all ages. Whether your child is 16 months or 16 years, one needs to think about balancing holidays and the rest of their everyday lives.

With all of this holiday coverage, our publications are practically shimmering with festive ideas. Even if you don’t have a need for a craft or food recipe, we have other holidays articles available. Go Shopping Info is dedicating the entire month to the holidays. Need some advice on an antique bronze bathroom faucet? We’ve got suggestions.

I have been surrounded by this seasonal spirit for several months while working on the editorial calendar. Thinking about all of the festivities and fun, I made a decision to do something different this year. The entire PeKu team will be taking time off at the end of the month. Rather than having assignments due the day after Christmas or having my editor work during that time, it seemed fitting to give the team time to enjoy some time with their friends and family. So, we’ll spend the first weeks of December helping our readers prepare for the holidays, and then we’ll take the last week to relax and enjoy.

December is notorious for being an overwhelming month. Here’s to hoping that you, too, find time to enjoy the beauty of the month!


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