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More Moving On

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on June 30th, 2014

good_luckWe have had several months of change at PeKu.  From adding new writers and a marketing coordinator to the resignation of long-term writers.  As I noted in early May, my first two official PeKu writers both left to further their education and career.  In May and June, I accepted the resignation of two other long-term writers.  As I type this, I realize that it sounds like people are abandoning the PeKu ship, but rather each of these is someone who is changing his life trajectory.

John Frazzetta began writing for PeKu in June 2008.  A single twenty-something he began our beer review column on Parched No More and also wrote weekly music columns for Tunes News.  Over the last six years John has grown with PeKu, creating a beer rubric and penning our Featured Artist column each month.  In his personal life, I have watched virtually as he married and had a baby.  A couple months ago John told me that it was time for him to retire his keyboard to focus on other goals, which I understood.  Today we published John’s final artist and beer reviews.  Having him here since PeKu launched has been wonderful.  His thoughts were always entertaining and informative. I wish him well in all in his future endeavors.

Jacob P. began writing for PeKu in April 2009.  A thirteen year old, who happened to be my son, he was the second writer to pen the Teen Perspective column on Your Parenting Info.  Jake added other topics to his repertoire over the five years: amphibian and reptile articles on Feathers Fins and Fur, travel articles on Good Life Review, and men’s shopping on Go Shopping Info among others.  In April Jake accepted an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy and submitted a resignation for the end of May.  He reported to USAFA last Thursday.  With the schedule he will keep there, he won’t have time to write articles, of that he is sure.  As the editor-in-chief, I will miss reading his articles and the snippets of sarcastic humor infused.  As his mom, I will miss every day with him but am proud of him attaining this goal.

Of course, with two writers leaving we will have new writers joining us. Be sure to check for my column next week when I make some introductions.

To John and Jake, best of luck. Your writing will be missed.


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