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Enjoying Winter- Cold, Dark, and All

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on December 22nd, 2014

window_candleI have lived in New England for all of my adult life and quite a bit of my childhood.  Although I should be used to the return of cold weather, it always is jarring.  Not unexpected but just an unpleasant reminder that we live in the north.  The thing is that I am one of those people whose toes are perpetually cold. Even in the summer I need socks at night.  So, when the weather is at or below freezing for months, my body doesn’t appreciate it.  So, with my general disdain for frigid weather, you would think that I don’t like where I live, but I do.

For me, I love the sight of snow falling and even covering our yard.  Why would I want to look at a yard of brown?  Dormant, trampled grass; bare tree branches; perennials cut back to their bases. Yes, I do love the sight of snow gracing our lawn, shrubs, and more.

The other complaint that I hear frequently is how early it becomes dark in the winter. Although the sun doesn’t set until 4:15, dusk settles in before four.  Combine the cold and darkness, and many New Englanders are unhappy. However, what I love about that combination is the coziness inside my house. Early sunset means that I plug in the window candles even earlier. Start the fireplace, light a candle or two, and spend the evening snug and warm inside.

For those of you who are looking to brighten and warm these winter evenings, PeKu has some fabulous suggestions:

To my fellow northerners, I hope you find a way to enjoy the chilly and dark time of year. To those of you in warmer climates, have fun wearing flip-flops year ’round!


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