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A Mother’s Day Un-card

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on May 14th, 2012

I don’t buy many greeting cards.  Although there are many with humorous punchlines and sentimental poems, I never feel that they fully capture the sentiment that I’m trying to express.  So, even though yesterday was Mother’s Day, I didn’t buy a card for my mom.  I did purchase a gift and call her, but I didn’t put a greeting card in the mail for her.  As I reflected on all that my mom has done for me, I decided that the best way to express my gratitude would be to write my own words.

I feel fortunate to have the mom that I do.  I have fond memories from my childhood and stayed close to her during my teen years.  While we did have differences of opinion, I never fought with her the way other friends of mine did with their moms.  There always was mutual respect for one another.

Throughout adulthood, she has continued to be there for me.  She has been my cheerleader, praising me on my career accomplishments.  My mom has served as my counsel, advising me as a new parent.  She has become my friend, sharing with me as a peer and no longer a child.

Several years ago I faced the biggest challenge of my life to that point.  When I turned to my parents, I realized the foundation that I had in them.  Not only did my mom support me, she also became a lifeline.  Every day my mom would call me as I drove to work to see how I was, to make sure that all was well.  As I overcame obstacles, my mom was there for me every day.

Since that time, my mom and I have forged an even stronger relationship.  Although she lives 1,500 miles away and I see her only a couple times a year, I feel closer to her than ever before.  We talk every few days, and not out of obligation.  She keeps me updated with her and my dad’s on-goings, and I do the same for my family.

As I consider all that my mom has done for me, I know that even this, my role at Wasabi Media Group, is due in some part to her.  If she hadn’t instilled the love and confidence in me, I may not have been the person that I am.

Although the words are small and simple, I mean them with all of my heart.  Thank you, Mom, for everything.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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