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A Favorite Form of Travel

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on June 10th, 2013

classic_booksI always have loved reading.  If I think back to my childhood, I have memories of my mom reading to me when I was very young, and then I have memories of me reading to myself.  I spent many, many hours of my childhood reading.  What I loved about reading was that it took me on an adventure.  I could imagine that I was raising a prize-winning pig or lived in the Hundred Acre Wood.

When I had children it was a natural conclusion to introduce them to the joy of books.  As toddlers, they would come to me with book after book, asking me to read one more story while we played in the afternoon.  I’d like to think this exposure to literature is what helped both of them become the avid readers that they are.  In fact their love for reading has encouraged me to read series that I thought I wouldn’t like, such as Harry Potter.

Although there are times when my schedule hasn’t allowed for much reading, such as when I was first building PKP, I find it to be comforting, like an old blanket.  I open a book and let the words take me in.  To-do lists and minor projects escape my mind, and I am thoroughly relaxed as I am transported to a different location, time, or life.

Reading frequently, I tend to search for new books or authors to read.  Whether I am at my local library or a Barnes and Noble, I like to peruse the shelves for books to read right away or to add to my “to be read” list.  Our book publication, ‘Bout Books, is one of my sources for this list.  I like knowing that when one book is finished, I have a list of options to be read next.

With my perpetual list and a few lazy vacation days planned for this summer, I look forward to spending some of that time traveling via my book to somewhere exciting and new!


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