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The Best ATV Sports Races in the United States

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Is ATV racing a sport? Many seem to think so, and if you are the owner of a four-wheeler and you’re passionate about racing, you should consider keeping tabs on the following events. Who knows when you might want to try something new and go see these races or even join them? We have listed some of the most popular races below.

In case you didn’t know, there are several types of associations that organize such races every year, and one of them is the All-Terrain Vehicle Association. The Grand National Cross Country is another one, and it usually takes places in some parts of the U.S. East coast.

ATVA series

There are two main events you should consider attending if you’re interested in those organized by the All-Terrain Vehicle Association. One of them is the Southern Challenge Series, which takes place in Texas. The neat thing about this one is that the participants are not required to have an STQRA membership, but it is mandatory for the collection of points and awards. All of the information regarding this race is available at the official website of the series.

The next event you ought to bear in mind is the ATVA Short Track National series. Compared to some of the others we have come across, this one is somewhat new. It includes ten classes, five of which are Open and two of which are specifically destined for youth. This competition is open to amateurs, pros, and pro-amateurs alike.

GNCC series

If you are looking for a somewhat challenging race, grab your good mud tires and join the Orange Crush, which happens in De Leon Springs, Florida. It’s the place where people go race with their ATVs when in the middle of winter, so you’re likely to enjoy all the perks of nice weather and even get to see some local attractions, while you’re in the area.

Both South and North Carolina organize their own ATV racing events. There’s the Big Buck in Union, South Carolina, and the Yadkin Valley Stomp in Yadkinville, North Carolina. These two are more or less similar to each other, but there are several differences. While the first happens in dense woods and wide-open fields, the second has a plethora of challenges available for participants, including going through an abandoned house.

The Nevada Passage Wide Open is usually organized at the beginning of the month of May in Winnemucca. It is a relatively new adventure race event compared to some of the others we have mentioned in this list. What seems to make the difference between this one and its counterparts is that it includes a wide array of competitions ranging from kayaking to mountain bike racing. It is a two-day event, and on the second day, participants are required to navigate their way through the Winnemucca Mountain.

The ATV MUD Nationals and the ATV Super Challenge Series are two other events you might not want to miss. The first traditionally takes place in remote areas of Texas, where competitors have the chance to drive through water and mud alike. As for the second, it includes a course consisting of anything from jumps to hills and stutter bumps.

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How To Stay Motivated Depending on Whether You Are A Type A or Type B Personality

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

The theory that there are two major personality types, type A and type B, is one that has become pretty widely used. While there are other theories in psychology that drill down to more specific details that address how people’s personalities are made up, this is one that is fairly simple to apply, even just knowing someone to a small degree. It is also one where people can usually identify which one is more dominant in themselves straight away, without having to do lengthy tests.

Most people are hybrids of type A and type B, but in the majority of cases, one is more dominant. There are some people who are completely in the type A personality category, of course, but this is far less common than being mostly a type A with a few type B traits.

Knowing how the two types work and which one you most identify with can help in a lot of ways, and one area where it can play a big part is in motivation. People who are successful at motivating other people tend to, consciously or subconsciously, use different approaches for different types of people, and type A people respond to different motivators than type B. This is also something you can use when you need to find motivation for yourself, for instance, to complete a project or stick to something like a workout plan.

Motivation and Type A Personalities
Someone with a type A personality is normally very ambitious and thinks a lot about their status. This can tie in to being a more extroverted person, though not all type As are extroverts. When a type A person achieves something, they are usually impatient to get started working towards an even bigger goal, and they sometimes have trouble actually enjoying their success.

If you are a type A and want to feel more motivated, you should find some element of competition to what you are doing. Type A’s thrive on winning. You will also be motivated by thinking big. If you find it hard to think about losing a few pounds and getting fitter, in terms of being motivated, you may do better by setting big impressive goals, like being able to run a marathon.

Motivation and Type B Personalities
Type B personalities are more laid back and tend to be less obsessed with goals and achievements. They can be more patient but are less driven, and so finding ways to motivate yourself can be the only way to really reach your potential if you have this personality type, though you will enjoy the things you achieve and appreciate them as you go.

If you are a type B, you are more motivated by your enjoyment of things. If you want to get fit, rather than setting lofty goals like a type A, you need to find something you have fun doing as a sport. The same goes for your work – you need to focus on the parts of it that you enjoy and what you get out of it, rather than goals and competition.

As you can see, what matters to people varies a lot depending on personality type, so how you motivate yourself is very dependent on this.

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Why Hamsters Are Popular Pets and Other Facts

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

We’ve seen a rise in popularity when it comes to adopting hamsters, and it’s happened in the past decade or so. Why did that happen? Well, the fact is that hamsters are small-sized rodents that need a lot less effort compared to cats or dogs. Besides, they have a lot of benefits, but they also do come with several cons.

We tried to do our best at showcasing some of the reasons they’ve become popular and why you might have to consider (or not) getting one, too.

They won’t bother you during the day

The neatest thing about hamsters is that they are nocturnal. What this means is that they are at their most active when you are sleeping. However, this does mean that you will have to provide them with things to chew on and an exercise wheel, too, so that they don’t get bored and have several entertainment opportunities.

Because they are nocturnal, they tend to shy away from too much light. In the wild, they are known for creating burrows and spending time inside them all day long. That also happens because Syria, the place where the most common type of hamster can be found and originates from, has scorching weather during the day.

Hamsters do not appreciate extreme temperatures, and that’s why they try to hide as best as possible. A cage for a Syrian hamster should come with places where he or she can hide. Plastic tubes and even the cardboard tubes left over from toilet paper can make good hiding places.

They require little to nothing in the way of maintenance and feeding

Due to their very small bodies, hamsters eat significantly less food compared to bigger rodents like rabbits and guinea pigs. They like veggies and fruit, but these should only make up about ten percent of their daily diet. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t feed them bananas or small pieces of carrot and the likes.

They also enjoy fresh veggies like cucumber, as well as a variety of leafy greens like lettuce, but also things like parsley.

Since they like clean spaces, we have to advise you to wash and dry their cage on a weekly basis. The fact is that a clean enclosure can make or break their health because as you know, they tend to create a corner where they relieve themselves.

The downside

The only drawback to getting a hamster instead of a cat or a dog is that it doesn’t live for too many years. In fact, it has the lowest life span of all of the rodents that can be pets nowadays. A hamster can only live for about two to three years, while a guinea pig can reach the age of eight, by comparison.

Of course, with cats and dogs, there have been multiple cases where the pets reached the age of twenty. So these bigger animals can be true life companions compared to these little rodents.

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Equipment You Need to Work Out at Home

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

For most people, it can be challenging to stick to an exercise routine, especially if they want to go to the gym. In fact, individuals that are either overweight or obese might shy away from going to the gym entirely, and that’s because they feel self-conscious about the way their bodies look.

If you’re looking to get back in shape or shed some pounds, this article is for you. We made a list of some equipment pieces that you ought to consider getting if you have zero interest in working out at a gym or outdoors. Some of these products are super cheap while others can cost a pretty penny. It’s up to you to decide which one’s for you.

Calisthenics gear

The reason calisthenics has become so popular over the past couple of years is that it actually calls for little to no equipment. You are going to need a good pair of exercise shoes and a pair of protective gloves, however. This type of workout heavily relies on the force and weight of your own body.

A punching bag

If you’ve ever wanted to take up boxing but you’re shy when it comes to joining a studio, stop worrying about it right now. There are heaps of online tutorials and lessons you can watch on sites like YouTube where you can learn how to make the right moves and how to throw punches.

You will have to install a heavy bag in your basement for this purpose, though, and finding a good bag can be challenging. Look at its fillings, materials, weight, and the way you can install it. Boxing burns an amazing amount of calories in just fifteen minutes, so you’ll be making the right call.

Does a treadmill make sense?

For some people, buying exercise equipment is like a drug, and that’s because they never get motivated enough to use it. As you probably image, a treadmill is rather expensive, especially when compared to the likes of recumbent bikes or generally, more accessible kinds of gear.

Before getting a treadmill, we strongly suggest you analyze your behavior as objectively as possible to understand whether you’re going to use it or not. You might have a bit of trouble selling it to someone else later on. Besides, it will take up quite a bit of room. Unless you have a basement where you can install all of this gear, don’t get a treadmill.

Budget-friendly options

If your budget is really tight, you can always go for something as small as a jump rope. You wouldn’t believe how effective jumping rope can be when it comes to burning calories. You can also invest in some yoga equipment and start doing it at home. All you’ll need is a quality mat and maybe a pair of yoga socks to make sure you don’t slip and hurt yourself.

Other than that, you won’t even have to get yourself a yoga DVD. As we were saying previously, there are loads of tutorials online, and they’re all free.

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Urban Garden Tips For The Beginner

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

The Urban Farm movement has spread globally. In this day of processed food, chemically altered foods, and foods that have been stripped of their natural nutrients, growing our own food is essential.

Urban farms are not large farms, so high-yield crops are in high demand. The urban farmer grows only plants that are edible. Before you break ground spend some time researching. Determine how much space you will dedicate to vegetables and your Seed Needs.

Below you will find some tips on how to begin. By offering these suggestions, we hope you will utilize your property and reap a bountiful harvest.

Survey the area
You do not have to have a huge space for your garden. Take measurements of the area you have. Before you jump in, find out which plants you can lead to growing upwards. If you have limited space horizontally, vertical gardening is a great idea.

Grow fresh herbs to season your fresh veggies with. Punch a hole on either side of an empty coffee can, and use a nail to punch a few holes in the bottom of the can for drainage. Thread rope inside the can and knot them off. Hang the pots on the fence by looping the rope over a fence board. You can cut the rope longer so the can will be lower and shorter to raise it on the fence. Place soil in the coffee cans and plant your herbs.

If frost threatens, you can simply slide the rope off the board and move your herb plants indoors until it is safe to return them.

Do your homework
You need to do some research on plants and your area. There are vegetables that thrive well in winter. Others must be harvested before the first frost. Hit the library or surf the web and make a list of the vegetables that you want to plant and when they need to be planted. Remember the climate. You may live in an area that gets alot of rain. You will plant different plants than someone who lives in a dry climate.

Everyone who has an urban garden needs to create a compost bin in their yard. A compost pile is made up of editable products and items that can be naturally broken down. Your leftovers, dead leaves, and other green material make a great all natural fertilizer. You can buy a compost bin at any gardening store or you can make your own.

Designate an area at the far end of the garden, away from the house so you will not have to experience the smell and insects that are drawn to it. Be sure you assemble a compost bin with a tight-fitting lid and easy access to use the finished product.

Harvest the rain
Set up a drain system that will capture falling rain and store the rain in a barrel and use it to water your garden. Water is a precious commodity and a good gardener conserves and uses it wisely.

Make it a group effort
Gardening is alot of work. Make it a neighborhood or family affair. There will be veggies and fruits enough for everyone. Share the work and share the bounty.

Use technology – there’s an app for that
There are plenty of free apps you can download to help you. They will give you tips on what to plant and when to plant. They will help you identify bugs or illnesses and give you hints on how to handle them. Set up reminders on your app and never forget important tasks.

You can do this. You can grow your own food and experience, maybe for the first time, the way foods are supposed to taste. It takes some effort, but there are plenty of resources out there to help you. The sooner you begin the sooner you will truly be on the road healthy and delicious food.

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What Can Forskolin Do?

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

A forskolin supplement may help you with asthma, urinary tract infections, and even weight loss. This supplement comes from the roots of a plant grown in India called the Indian Coleus. In this article, we explore what forskolin can treat and if it is really effective. Learn more about this unique supplement below.

Buying a Supplement
Websites like Consumer Advisors provide reviews and information about different supplement brands, so you can read about the best brand worth your money. Forskolin is quite expensive, and should not have any unusual binders or fillers. One dose should have 500 mg of forskolin, which is enough to produce positive effects. Consult your doctor to see if forskolin can help you; some doctors recommend taking this supplement for certain health conditions. Keep in mind if you are pregnant, nursing, or have high blood pressure, forskolin is not the right supplement for you.

Benefits of Forskolin
Forskolin’s capabilities come from its ability to raise the levels of cyclic AMP (or cAMP) in your brain. cAMP helps signal hormones like glucagon and adrenaline, alerting your heart to pump faster and raises the glucose count in your bloodstream. This supplement helps treat many disorders and diseases, such as:
heart disease
urinary tract infections
psoriasis (itchy skin)

How exactly does forskolin help? High cAMP levels relaxes throat muscles, making it easier for someone to breathe if they are suffering from an asthma attack. For glaucoma, some research has shown that this supplement can relieve pressure on the eye. There was also a study done that showed improved heart function after taking forskolin supplements. Although it cannot treat a UTI on its own, forskolin has shown to improve the antibiotics effects. It flushes out an increased amount of bacteria in order to get rid of the infection. In the past, it has been used in ancient Indian medicine, or Ayurvedic medicine, to treat painful urination. Another Ayurvedic use for forskolin is to treat the itchy, dry skin caused by psoriasis. However, there is no modern research to prove its effectiveness.

Can Forskolin Help You Lose Weight?
Recently, forskolin has entered Western medicine to be used as a weight loss pill. As it raises the cAMP levels in your bloodstream, it releases glucagon, a hormone that raises your glucose count. It is basically the opposite of insulin, which is then triggered by high glucose levels. Both glucagon and insulin balance the glucose level in your blood. Due to its increase of glucagon, forskolin helps metabolize glucose while also burning extra fat cells. This was proven in a study where obese men lost weight and increased their overall body mass index after taking forskolin supplements. However, there need to be more studies that show similar results to prove that this supplement really is effective.

Side Effects
Unfortunately, forskolin has severe side effects. Some of these are
thinning of your blood
low blood pressure
blood clots
enlarged blood vessels in the eye
This is why it is important to consult your doctor when taking forskolin to treat any medical conditions.

Forskolin: Is It Worth It?
This herb has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, treating UTIs and itchy skin. It has been proven to help with various health conditions, and some studies even show that it can help you lose weight. However, the long list of side effects seems daunting and may not be worth enduring more unpleasant symptoms on top of what you’re already suffering from. Treatment depends on the person, so forskolin may be helpful to you but can cause many adverse side effects in someone else.

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