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Fun & Games

Monday, April 29th, 2013

tips tricks cheatsI’ve mentioned it previously, but I am not a fan of gaming.  I don’t have Angry Birds on my smartphone.  I don’t relax in the evening with an XBOX game.  I can count on one hand the number of games I’ve played on the Wii that we’ve had in our house for years.  However, I oversee a publication that focuses only on gaming, and because of that (and the fact that I have children that enjoy gaming) I try to stay abreast of gaming news and trends.

Level Revel, the aforementioned gaming publication, has many new items of note.  First, we are launching a redesign of the website today.  To keep its look fresh and new, we have added new images and colors to the publication.  We still will feature a game of the month to highlight one of the best selling games as part of the homepage.

We have increased the number of articles we are publishing on a weekly basis.  The newest column highlights tricks, tips, and cheats.  Now, not only will you be able to learn whether a game is worth purchasing or not, we will give you advice on how to excel in your playing strategy.  No more will you be stuck at a difficult level; we will help you advance!

Finally, this week we will be highlighting the C2E2, also known as Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.  Get first-hand perspective on this year’s convention via our columnist.  I know that I am interested to read the highlights.

Gaming may not be my hobby, but I think we do a fine job of keeping our readers up to date on the best games and essential gaming tips.  For those of you that enjoy video games, give Level Revel a peak.

Take a Moment

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

bstrongIn this column I usually share new designs, new features, and generally promote PKP.  Today, however, I won’t be doing that.

Today marks one week since the horrific Boston Marathon bombings.  Like many other people, I have had moments of shock and sadness in the past week.

At 2:50 this afternoon, the city of Boston will hold a moment of silence in honor of the victims.  In support of this, the team at PeKu extends our sympathies to the victims and their families and expresses our gratitude to all of the heroes.


PKP Adds Weekly Cartoons to Pet Publication

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Manchester, NH- PeKu Publications has recently added weekly cartoons to one of its most popular niches, Feathers Fins and Fur. This niche is a pet publication that contains tons of useful health and maintenance information about pets. The site has a broad range of pets, starting with your most common household animals including cats, dogs, and fish, as well as some more unusual pets like budgies, geckos, and frogs.

PKP is working with Jerry King, who will be supplying animal-based cartoons for the website. King is a renowned cartoonist that received the National Cartoonist Society Magazine Gag Cartoon Award in 2001. His work is in thousands of magazines, books, greeting cards, and websites. PKP began posting his cartoons in mid-February, and has been publishing them routinely on Fridays.

Owner and CEO of PeKu Publications, Michele Pesula Kuegler, spoke about adding some humor to the niche, “We are excited about the addition of a weekly cartoon to Feathers Fins and Fur. The humor that is infused in each cartoon is the perfect accompaniment for all of the animal knowledge our publication provides. Now our readers can be informed and entertained in one stop.”

The “Cartoon of the Week” can be found on the right hand side of the home page of Feathers Fins and Fur.

About PeKu Publications
PeKu Publications is an emergent Internet-based publishing company, which is home to 23 niche properties, featuring content in eight unique channels. For more information about PeKu Publications go to or contact Michele Pesula Kuegler at

Online publisher tweaks its typical editorial calendar with the addition of an image-only post.

Meet the Specialist- Elizabeth Skipper

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Elizabeth+SkipperAmong our group of specialists, we have a chef who provides our readers with the culinary know-how that they are seeking on our food publication, Think Tasty.  From advice on making sauces to sharpening knives to using canned or fresh pumpkin, Elizabeth Skipper is a fabulous cooking resource.  Not only does she offer our readers a deeper understanding of the subject, she also shares recipes that will round out our readers’ repertoire.  Elizabeth has been enlightening our readers since December 2011.

Please allow me to introduce you to our own “Ask the Chef”, Elizabeth Skipper.

MPK: Our readers know you as “Ask the Chef,” who seemingly covers all things food. Do you have an area of cooking that you specialize in?

ES: My cooking is very much informed by my training, which was in French and European cookery, and by having lived in Switzerland for a couple of years when I was newly married. For example, given a steak, my first thoughts go to pan-grilling and making a red wine-shallot  or other pan sauce than firing up the grill or the broiler.

I also love Mexican food, although I don’t make as often as I did when I had a garden and more tomatoes and chiles than I knew what to do with. Bottom line, though, I believe in good food, well prepared. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be well executed.

MPK: You have shared many recipes. Do you have a signature dish that friends and family request?

ES: It’s hard to pick  without narrowing it down to a category… but, okay, I’ll say my Pork & Tomatillo Stew. I renamed it “Marry Me Pork & Tomatillo Stew” after a gentleman proposed to me when he tasted it for the first time. After a pause, he followed that up with, “My wife might not like that,” but he’s not alone in loving that particular dish!

MPK: What do you like best about being a chef?

ES: I love, love, love making people happy with food! When you can do something well, that makes people light up and give you compliments, what’s not to love? It makes all the hours of being on your feet and the mountains of dirty dishes worth it (most of the time.)

MPK: You are the owner of The Everyday Epicure LLC. What encouraged you to offer cooking lessons and be a personal chef?

ES: Oh, as soon as I got out of cooking school I started teaching because I wanted to share what I’d learned; and I continue to feel that way. I decided to become a personal chef because working in a restaurant wasn’t appealing, and combining my cooking talents with my years of business experience and customer service seemed a perfect segue for my next career.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be interested to learn about you?

ES: By “fun fact,” do you mean something that seems a bit out of character? It might come as a surprise to know that some years ago my daughter’s love of rock music re-ignited mine, and we attended a KISS concert where I allowed her to make me up as the Star Child. (She went as the Demon.) We got a lot of high fives! How often can a middle-aged mom and her fifteen-year old daughter be hailed in public with, “You guys look awesome!”?

Christopher Weaver

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Emily Krasowski

Monday, April 8th, 2013