Wasabi Media Group Announces the Launch of Game Channel

by Gennadiy D on August 31st, 2009

SAN MATEO, CA- Wasabi Media Group, an Internet-based publishing company, announced the latest addition to its growing network of websites with the launch of the Game Channel at

The Game Channel is a centralized repository from which visitors can springboard to games that match their tastes across the Internet. From the core group of games, users can play and navigate to more and more games of their choosing.

“As Wasabi Media Group’s family of gaming sites grows,” stated Michele Pesula Kuegler, Director of Content for Wasabi Media Group,”the Games Channel becomes an even more important resource for our visitors, providing a central location for their gaming needs.”

The Game Channel is open to other online game providers to join the “Friends of WMG Games”. Providers can apply to have the Game Channel link to their site, providing increased traffic flow from players in their direct target market. Information on adding your link to the site is available by contacting

Wasabi Media’s Game Channel focuses on substance over style. The games on the site feature straightforward rules, basic graphics, and surprisingly addictive game play. The initial launch of the site will feature three such games, with links to many more. “Ball Crazy” is a game that tests visitors’ ability to avoid contacting the floating balls of various sizes by moving the mouse. “In Order Genius” is a straightforward memory game that requires great attention and recall. The final primary game is “Quick Twitch”, which tests the users’ reflexes, challenging them to tap an ephemeral target before it disappears.

Wasabi Media Group is a subsidiary of Wasabi Ventures, which is a different kind of venture capital firm made up of three distinct, but connected aspects: venture funding, start up advising, and incubation. For more information about Wasabi Ventures LLC, go to or contact Tom Kuegler at

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