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Vacation as the CEO

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on August 10th, 2011

Running your own business, it is generally accepted that vacations aren’t truly vacations.  However, as I discovered last week, there are ways to give them more of a vacation feel.

  • Maximize your time. My husband and I are both early risers, but our teens and tween aren’t.  Each morning we got up at near to our normal time and worked for two or three hours while the kids slept.  While this may not seem vacation-like to some, it allowed us to feel less stressed when we headed out for each day’s adventure.
  • Stay at a location that has wifi. We have found that renting houses is the best option with our crew. When I make the reservation, one of the non-negotiable items is wireless internet.  Without wifi, our morning work sessions at our laptops wouldn’t have been possible.  As a side note, if you need a new laptop to bring on vacation, you should check out this Inspector Electra review of a laptop that has a lot to offer for minimal cost.
  • Travel to a remote destination. Although it wasn’t planned this way, we didn’t have cell phone coverage at the home we rented.  Not only did it free my husband and me from unimportant business calls, it also kept the kids from texting, which allowed for a lot more family interaction.  (For a laugh, read this short humor piece on kids and calls.)
  • Head back to nature. Sure, theme parks are entertaining, but getting into nature can be even more fun.  There is more likely to be conversation when there aren’t flashing lights and dancing characters to interrupt.  Plus, looking for animals and skipping rocks can encourage teens to put aside their typical bickering and work as a team.  Find a park or trail and start hiking!  Check out a recent Outdoors Eagle article for a great hike suggestion.



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