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  • Fun Ideas for Your Child and the Kidsitter
    Feb 28 2017
    Elementary kids, ages six to nine, don’t like the term babysitter, as they feel they are too old to be cared for like babies and yet they are too young to stay home alone. So instead parents can call a kidsitter to spend time with their children when they need to go out. Whether it’s … 
  • Heart Button Craft for Valentine’s Day
    Feb 2 2017
    On February 14th, you and your child can join in the age-old celebration of love that honors Saint Valentine by making crafts and decorating your home. Most people only think of the color red, but you will find Valentine décor in shades that complement red, including pink, lavender, and white. For this craft, raid grandma’s … 
  • How to Teach Toddlers About Winter
    Jan 24 2017
    To young children, there is no big difference between reality and fantasy. Toddlers believe everything they see, touch, and hear. They basically learn by their senses and experience. So, how do you teach toddlers about the winter season? The first snowfall of the season deserves to be celebrated. For many children, this is the first … 
  • A Shadow Craft for Groundhog Day
    Jan 19 2017
    “To see or not to see its shadow” is the question of the day on February 2nd. The groundhog is a small creature, the largest species of the squirrel family that is expected to predict the upcoming weather forecast on this day of observance. Do you think Punxsutawney Phi will predict more winter or will … 
  • A Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for Young Children
    Dec 22 2016
    As Christmas approaches, decorating the holiday tree is a highlight. And each year my children loved to make ornaments to help with the holiday décor. To this day, we have ornaments that date back to when my kids were in preschool. Now, that they have become parents we are following the same path with their … 
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