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Take a Minute

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on May 28th, 2012

Hot dogs and hamburgers sizzling on the grill.  Flag-bearing Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts marching in the town parade.  Friendly games of volleyball played on the front lawn.  Sitting in traffic on the long drive home from the beach.  Toenails and fingernails painted red, white, and blue.

All of these are fine images from Memorial Days past.  I am sure that many others have similar memories, for many of us love to embrace this unofficial start to summer.  This year is no different.  We enjoyed a small cookout with friends last night and look forward to a day of relaxation and family today.  However, as I’ve been thinking about this article for the last few days, I noticed one glaring omission.  Where is the memorial in this day?

I think the patriotic part of Memorial Day is alive and well.  Drive down almost any street in the US, and you are bound to find American flags on the lawn, the porch, or the windows of at least one house.  Go to the store, and you are certain to see people wearing red, white, and blue attire. But how many of us take time to remember those who gave their lives in the name of our country?

I know that I am among those who haven’t.  So, today I plan to take a minute or two and think about the great freedoms we have and those who gave their all in order to provide them.  I hope you will do so also.




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