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Summer Nears Its End

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on August 24th, 2011

Although the calendar still says August, it feels like summer is ending.  In many communities, the kids have returned to school.  Stores are filled with fall items:  Halloween candy, fuzzy sweaters, and back to school supplies.  Even the heat of summer is dissipating with the day starting and ending with cooler temperatures.  Fall surely isn’t too far away.

However, the end of summer doesn’t have to be abrupt.  With Labor Day weekend ahead of us, there is plenty of time to plan some last minute summer fun.  Whether you want to plan a weekend trip, a day’s adventure, or a home cookout, there are many ways to celebrate what remains of summer.

A quick one or two-night trip is the perfect way to end the summer.  Whether you want to visit an amusement park or go camping with your family, a little time away from the typical home routine is a great way to spend the holiday weekend.  Find a nearby destination so you don’t have to spend too many hours in your car, and then hit the road.

Of course, the long weekend also lends itself well to a gathering of friends and family.  You can use this event to celebrate both the end of summer and the start of school.  Plan a great menu and ask everyone to bring a little something to help with the cooking to make the party preparation simple. For the adults in the crowd, a refreshing cocktail or summery beers complete the theme of summer.

No matter how you celebrate Labor Day weekend, don’t forget to check Wasabi Media Group for planning suggestions.  From recipes to decorations, you can find the ideas you need.




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