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Spring Color

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on April 8th, 2013

pansiesHaving spent some time in Florida last week, I was a bit envious of the beautiful display of colors there.  Lush lawns, blooming flowers, and sprouting gardens added brightness to their yards.  Returning to New Hampshire, I was reminded that spring arrives more slowly, as I drove by yard after yard with yellow and tan lawns.  The good news was that most of the snow had disappeared during my time away.

While we can’t plant much outside as this point, we can begin to plan for our growing season.  Whether it be turning over garden beds, adding mulch where needed, or tending to our indoor seedlings, we have ways to make summer feel near.  If we leave the windows closed but keep the curtains open, there’s a chance that the sunlight will provide the sensation of a warm June day.

As those of us in the north excitedly await the return of consistently warm days and bright colors, there are plenty of things to do to prepare our yards for summer.  Our gardening and landscaping publication, Little Bit of Green, is a great resource for this sort of planning.  This week our articles will include Adding Color to Your Landscaping, Using Container Gardens to Produce Fruit, and an article about Bloodroot, a beautiful flower you might want to add to your yard.

Even if your yard, porch, or patio isn’t bursting with spring colors, it doesn’t mean you can’t begin to make plans for the coming weeks and months. Let Little Bit of Green inspire you!


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