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September Highlights

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on September 4th, 2012

Labor Day has come and gone, and almost every school district has students in its classrooms.  Meteorologically, we have a couple weeks left, but mentally, for most of us, summer is done.  For me, the end of summer is melancholic.  The return of cooler temperatures and the earlier sunset remind me that another season has passed.  All of the possibilities and dreams of summer fade.  However, fall is my favorite season.  There is something wonderful about wearing a warm sweater while taking a late afternoon walk.  With cooler temperatures, it’s time to allow stews and soups to simmer on the stove while bread bakes in the oven. So, while I mourn the end of one season, I also embrace the beginning of another.

In New Hampshire, September is a month of transition with hints of summer weather during the day and the full feel of fall weather in the evening.  At the local farm stands, the corn and tomatoes are displayed next to butternut squash and potatoes, a portrayal of both seasons in one location.  Hesitant to release summer from our grasp, we pair flip-flops with our sweaters, as we enjoy the final days of exposed toes before the winter of warm socks arrives.

This combination of summer and fall may cause a mixture of emotions for many.  For kids, it’s having to wake in time for the school bus blended with the ability to see numerous friends every weekday.  For some adults, it’s the end of weekends at the beach but the start of Sundays filled with NFL games.  For others it is the beginning of leaf raking combined with the end of lawn mowing.

Whatever September brings to mind for you, hopefully there are enjoyable things to balance out the sadness of the end of summer.  At WMG, we have several September items worthy of highlight:

  • The return of original programming– Summer, the season of repeats, is done.  New shows premier, and old shows return with new storylines and cliffhanger resolutions. Couch Tuber will provide you with show summaries and snapshots to help you find the right shows for your viewing.
  • Time to get fit– While summer and bathing suits often are the inspiration for working out, the cooler temperatures of fall are a great reason to get outside and begin exercising on a regular basis.  My Fitness Tunes has ideas for workouts of all kinds: strength training, cardio, and more.
  • New looks and elements– Although spring is the season of new beginnings, at WMG we always are reinventing ourselves.  Look to our publications for new designs, new categories, and new features every month of the year, in addition to the hundreds of articles published.

As summer fades into the sunset, I am eager to see what fall will bring.


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