Peku’s Be Green Info Publication Rebrands to ‘Bout Green

by Gennadiy D on November 25th, 2013

Manchester, NH- Be Green Info, one of Peku Publications domains, is changing to ‘Bout Green, in a move to increase readership and search engine exposure. The switch not only entails a new URL but also a new bi-weekly addition of video content.

‘Bout Green will continue to feature innovative original articles and tips that aim to increase personal and community environmental engagement. The content on ‘Bout Green comes in response to the growing need for ecological concern in our world today.
The addition of the new instruction-based video content diversifies the information available on ‘Bout Green in the hope of keeping consumers up to speed on what they can do to help green up their lives.

The subjects on ‘Bout Green are far-reaching, as they range from improving the home’s efficiency to cosmetics and health to environmental legislation to community based movements. The editors of ‘Bout Green hope that its wealth of articles and videos will help readers and viewers change their ecological consumption habits.

PeKu’s CEO/ Editor-in-Chief Michele Pesula Kuegler stated that, “With the addition of a new form of content, it seemed ideal to incorporate other changes at the same time. New design elements, new videos, and a new name will join the engaging, original articles we publish to form a more dynamic resource for eco-friendly ideas and advice.”

Readers can access the site and new content, which is up and now live at

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