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PeKu News- All Remains Quiet

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on June 8th, 2015

calendarLast week I wrote about the quietness at PeKu. No changes to publications, no new features, just a differently calm month was had in May. Apparently, the quietness is becoming a pattern, as this week there are no recognitions to be made. No new team members were added. No one moved on to new ventures over the past month. No anniversaries are being celebrated.

This, too, has a slight sense of oddness to it. With a team of 16 writers, 2 engineering members, a video creator, and an editor, we almost always have an anniversary to celebrate. However, if I reflect, it really isn’t that strange. When I worked as an elementary teacher, we would chart the birthdays by month. In some classes, there were months without a single birthday. Even with 20-25 students, it’s possible to have a birthday-free month. So, why not an anniversary-free month?

While I miss not being able to celebrate any team member’s anniversary, there are perks to this quiet. As the CEO, it means I didn’t have to spend time in May searching for new team members. It also means that I didn’t have to say goodbye to someone. Sometimes quiet can be good.

Behind the scenes, there’s definitely plenty going on at PeKu. July’s highlights and news will be filled with notes of change. No sneak peeks here! Be sure to return in July to read about all of the exciting things happening at PeKu!


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