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Meet the Team- Gennadiy Denchenko

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on August 20th, 2012

Gennadiy Denchenko joined our team in July 2009.  As Wasabi Media Group was a much smaller company at that time, Gennadiy worked for WMG on a part-time basis.  With major growth during the next twelve months, he became our full-time Director of Engineering in July 2010.  Gennadiy has been a valuable member of the WMG team, as he keeps our websites running well.  From fixing bugs to implementing new designs to finding innovative solutions, Gennadiy makes sure all twenty-four of our publications are operating smoothly.

Here’s our interview with Gennadiy:

MPK:  When you aren’t working on WMG projects, what do you like to do with your free time?

GD:  When I have time I like to play my guitar.  (I have both types: acoustic and electric guitar.)  In summer I often play in the garden of my grandma’s house. Besides that, I like to travel; it could be a trip just around my city or visiting other cities and countries.

MPK: What is your favorite part of programming for WMG?

GD:  My favourite part of programming for WMG – maybe it’s interesting projects and different ways for finding solutions for them.  It could even be different solutions for the same problem.   What I love is finding, researching and making it work finally!

MPK: Do you have a favorite site at WMG?

GD: 3. My favourite sites are Tunes News and Couch Tuber because I like all music news and CDs info and learning about TV shows.

MPK: When did you decide that you wanted to be a programmer?

GD:  You never know when it comes, right? 🙂 Actually, I didn’t want to be a programmer from the beginning. I was curious about learning languages, I studied English and Deutsch some time ago… but now I’m happy to be what I am.

MPK: What is an interesting fact that our readers would be interested to learn about you?

MPK:  The little fact about me is my cat Max.  His breed is British, and he is too fast! Max is six months old now, but he has already cracked down my plastic shoe rack when he jumped on it! I’m afraid to imagine what’s going to happen after another six months.


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