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Meet the Specialist- Dean Heller, MD

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on November 26th, 2012

As PeKu Publications grew, so did our team of writers.  With a hearty team of writers who excel at researching and writing, we were publishing a wide variety of articles weekly.  To deepen our knowledge base, we decided to seek specialists that would be authorities, as opposed to researchers, in their area of knowledge.  The first specialist that we added was Dean Heller, who is author of our weekly Ask the Doctor column on Health Eagle.  Dr. Heller has been a contributor to Health Eagle since March 2010.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce Dean Heller:

MPK: Our readers know you simply as “Ask the Doctor”.  What is your specialty?

DH: My specialty is Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology.

MPK: You cover so many topics in Ask the Doctor and work with many other specialists.  Outside of your specialty, what is your favorite health topic?

DH: Outside of the diseases of the heart that we treat, I have a very strong interest in health and nutrition.  I was a biology and nutrition major in college and have tried to incorporate some of this into my practice.

MPK: What do you like best about being a physician?

DH: One of the great things about being an interventional cardiologist is that when people are very sick and close to death when they come to the hospital with a heart attack, that we can frequently make them better very quickly by emergently putting a stent into their heart artery to restore the blood flow to the heart. They are forever grateful.

MPK: What was the inspiration for creating Ask the Doctor?

DH: Ask the Doctor is a great outlet to bring health information to people and answer the different questions that people have about their health. All physicians are educators, and that is the inspiration behind Ask the Doctor.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

DH: An interesting fact about me is that while I am now the proud father of 3 wonderful children, I used to be a daily surfer while I was living on the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii.


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