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Michele Pesula Kuegler is the founder of PeKu Publications and chief foodie at Think Tasty. She runs this one-woman show focusing on creating new recipes to delight her family, friends, and herself.

March 2014 Highlights

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on March 3rd, 2014

March Highlights copyEvery month there are changes at PeKu, which I enjoy.  I like not only the process of envisioning and creating but also the learning involved.  It keeps my mind busy and allows me to expand my knowledge and imagination.  This month we have three changes within our publishing schedule.

  1. Think Tasty– The original PeKu publication is moving to a more structured format.  Each month the recipes will revolve around a given theme.  Plus, we have removed our weekly food video and replaced it with a new column, Simple Solutions.  This column will feature recipes that require food ingredients and are easier to make.  Finally, we also will have a new design launched in the coming week.  Be sure to visit and let us know what you think.
  2. Flick Rev– Currently, we publish two in-theater reviews and either a Classic Review or a Snap Judgment article each week.  To these three articles we are adding a fourth.  On an alternating schedule we will publish two different articles.  More Than the Movie will highlight specific aspects within current movies that are worth noting, whether it be an actor, special effects, music score, or another element.  Film Forecast will highlight our columnist’s picks for the best movies to be released in the next 30 days.
  3. Go Shopping Info– Our teen fashion column, which publishes on a biweekly basis, has been quite popular.  To provide more insight we will be publishing another biweekly column (on opposing weeks), Sam’s Suggestions, which will be a shorter article that gives quick tips for teen style.

It sure seems that March will be a busy month.  I look forward to sharing these new features with you and to begin planning new projects for April.



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