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by Michele Pesula Kuegler on September 14th, 2011


It’s a key component to being successful.  As children, we learn to listen to our teachers and parents.  As we grow, it becomes obvious that listening is an important part of successful relationships.  As parents, we know that not only do our children need to listen to us, but we also must listen to them.  The same is true in work relationships.

Of course, all of us has had the boss who makes it clear that suggestions really aren’t wanted.  Nothing is quite so frustrating as having an idea that won’t even be heard.  However, just because someone is part of management doesn’t mean that he or she is a good listener.

As the leader of WMG, I try to keep open lines of communication with my team.  What I have discovered is that through this I am able to receive some fabulous suggestions.  Sometimes it comes in the form of me sending a request for ideas and receiving good feedback, and other times it is a suggestion sent unexpectedly.  Even though every idea may not be implemented, it is inspiring to work with a team that is this engaged in their work.

Yesterday was an especially good day for suggestions:

  • One of our associate editors, Jane, suggested adding an Upcoming Reviews box to Flick Rev.
  • Another associate editor, Lori, advised me on where to find a specialist for My Fitness Tunes.
  • A writer, Jaclyn, proposed adding reviews of web tv series to Couch Tuber.

While these may seem like small suggestions, they will provide our readers with great new features and content.  These suggestions show me that the lines of communication are working.  Plus, these suggestions are sure to inspire even more creativity.

We’re all busy.  However, we all need to make sure that we take the time to listen.  You never know when the next great idea will be uttered.


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