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June is for Yard Projects?

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on June 3rd, 2013

gardening_with_wheelbarrowAlthough many people think of June as the start of vacation season, at our house there is a focus on our yard.  Starting in mid-May, we’ve been working on changes in our front yard.  Rather than having a couple all-day sessions, we’ve opted to spend a few hours every Sunday getting another piece of the project done.  We’ve divided and transplanted perennials, replaced bark mulch, created a new flowering bed, and have added a few saplings.

I have enjoyed working on these projects with my husband.  Although yardwork is not a favorite pastime of mine, the way in which we are attacking the project has been helpful.  Starting our Sunday morning with a few hours of work, followed by a hearty breakfast and a pot of coffee has felt rewarding.  Our yard looks better every weekend, as we work together, and then we get to relax and eat.

Coincidentally, at the same time that we’ve been updating our yard, we also have been updating the look of our yard and garden publication, Little Bit of Green.  In addition to giving its website a new look, we have refined the categories.  Having covered numerous topics in the category of Container Gardening, we have eliminated it for now and have added new topics, such as Outdoor Projects and Herbs.

We hope that these new articles provide inspiration for our readers, as they work in or dream about their yards.  I know that some of the articles that I have read have inspired me to look at new flowers for our beds or have enlightened me on tools that might be useful.  Of course, we always are open to suggestions, so if there is a topic that we haven’t covered, we would be more than happy to consider tweaking our editorial calendar.

Yards won’t be the only focus this month, as our home repair and remodeling publication, ‘Bout Home, is currently undergoing a few changes.  Expect to see the release of its redesign in the coming weeks.  The most exciting feature in the redesign, in my opinion, is the addition of a monthly theme, which will focus on one room in a house.

If your June is like mine and you haven’t begun the travels and vacation of summer, take a peek at our Home & Garden section for some inspiration, both in- and outdoors.


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