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  • 4 Truths to Communicating with Our Children
    Feb 12 2018
    Communication is the most important part of any relationship. When we communicate well, things run smoothly. When we do not, there is much frustration. Most people would agree with this; however, most of us (me included) are very intentional with making our children better communicators. We practice communication from the moment we are born. All … 
  • Preschoolers Should Enjoy Learning
    Jan 1 2018
    Getting your preschooler ready for school is not as hard as you may think. Just by doing some simple things at home you can get your little one all ready for school and give them a leg up on the others. Preschool is a strange concept to me. I think it is because I did … 
  • Develop a Child’s Values to Ensure Their Success
    Oct 23 2017
    As parents we are constantly trying to discover what the next big thing is. We want our children to be set up for success and to become productive members of society. When it comes to this, our preschoolers and us can learn a lot from the military. I have been in the U.S. Air Force … 
  • Build Elementary Communication Skills
    Aug 22 2017
    Communication is the biggest problem in any organization. Elementary-aged children and parents are no exception to this. With some simple guidelines, you can eliminate most communication barriers. Ask any CEO or General and they will tell the importance of communication and the dangers of barriers to communication. In our workplaces we see this all the … 
  • 3 Ways to Boost Preschoolers Conversation Skills
    Aug 15 2017
    Preschoolers are fun to watch as they learn and grow. They are constantly developing physically, mentally and socially. It is the social aspect that many parents struggle with, but keep reading for some advice on this. We watch our children go from being the babbling blob of infant-hood to walking and talking machines. Physically, they … 
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