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  • 3 Ways to Keep Manners Alive With Preschoolers
    Mar 28 2017
    Are manners dying off in today’s society? Are we as parents doing our part to keep them alive? According to most studies manners are dying and we are not holding our own as parents. Here are three ways to reverse this tide. I never thought I would consider having a toddler and preschooler in the … 
  • Four-Step Reflection Tool for Preschoolers
    Jan 31 2017
    I am a huge fan of challenging what I am taught. I truly believe that there is more than one way to skin a cat. This was a thought I carried all through school, college, and into my professional life. It is something I want to pass on to my children, but how do you … 
  • 3 Steps to Changing Your Preschooler’s Behavior
    Dec 6 2016
    When it comes to our preschoolers, there are so many things to discover. They are mingling with like-minded children and really becoming who they will be in terms of behavior. That is why it is so important to help set the right foundation today. I watch my five year old interact with my 21-month old … 
  • Allowing Preschoolers to Experience the Consequences of Their Choices
    Aug 30 2016
    As parents we want to shield our little ones from every possible danger. We see the things coming down the path and know we can help them avoid this danger or consequence. However, I do not think that we should be doing this for them all the time. Let’s stop to think about how severe … 
  • Biking Safety for Kids
    Aug 24 2016
    “Stack up one more box, I know I can jump higher than you!” This is something I remember saying often behind the plaza where we used to ride our bikes at as a child. Safety was the last thing on our minds as we had our own version of the X Games seeing who could … 
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