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  • Teens, Parents, and Entertainment: The Divide
    Mar 14 2017
    Entertainment can bring a family a little closer together or drive them a fair way further apart. As kids grow into teens, parents will probably notice less togetherness and more apartness, in this as in lots of other things. The cause is simple: Teens want independence and a separate identity. One way to be sure … 
  • 6 Ways to Be the Sitter Everyone Recommends
    Feb 21 2017
    Finding work as a babysitter depends a lot on word of mouth and the reputation you have in the community. For such a sensitive job, most parents would rather turn to a sitter recommended by someone they trust. So here are six ways to be the sitter parents tell their friends about. Keep an appointment … 
  • Home Learning for Teens: Are You Both Ready?
    Jan 17 2017
    We parents tend to think of home learning as something for elementary aged kids — once they become teens, we figure, they’ll need, and probably want, the experience of full-time high school. Yet there are reasons a homeschooled elementary student might want to go on with it into high school, or even a student who’s … 
  • Recipe: Double Apple Crisp
    Sep 2 2016
    It’s another one of those years when our Gravenstein apple tree is bearing more fruit than we know what to do with. A couple of years ago, I noted that Luther Burbank once wrote: “It has often been said that if the Gravenstein could be had throughout the year, no other apple need be grown.” … 
  • Five Facts Your Teen May Not Know About Bike Safety
    Aug 26 2016
    Parents may breathe a sigh of relief when their teens decide to bike somewhere instead of driving — after all, it’s healthier, it doesn’t use up gasoline, and teens probably have a lot more experience with it. You’ve probably made sure they know basic bike safety and traffic rules. But there are a few unexpected … 
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