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How Parents Can Get Support When Going Back to College

by Editorial Team on October 12th, 2016

man-791049_640As a parent, the idea of going back to college might be something which is tempting you. Going to college in order to achieve an undergraduate degree or even further your education with a postgraduate degree or advanced course, such as a master of science in nursing degree can help you to further your career and expand your earning potential, making life more comfortable and financially flexible for yourself and your family. But, going to college is often a huge time commitment, and can be quite difficult for busy moms and dads to fit around family life. Thankfully, with more and more parents going back to college, there are plenty of things that are designed to help you out.

Online Learning
For parents who will need to arrange childcare and make sure that their little ones are sufficiently looked after when they’re not around, attending classes on campus can often be a bit tricky. Thankfully, online learning, which offers courses such as a masters of science in nursing degree, available from Bradley University, can be the perfect solution for parents. This is because learning online allows you to schedule your own education timetable and learn from the comfort of your home, adding far more flexibility and freedom which is perfect for those with children.

Financial Aid
One of the main worries for parents who are considering going back to college is that they will not be able to afford tuition fees, which are currently at an all-time high. Along with opting for online learning courses, which often cost a lot less than traditional on-campus degrees, parents who are worried about the cost of college can apply for financial aid, which can help them to afford education in a number of different ways. Depending on your personal circumstances and the subject that you study, financial aid can be gained from a variety of different organizations.

Childcare Support
Most colleges today are getting used to having more and more students who are parents in attendance, therefore if you’re a mom or dad who’s thinking of going back to college, it’s a good idea to enquire about any childcare support services that they provide. Many colleges will be able to help you with the financial cost of childcare, and some may even have a crèche or play area where parents can leave their little ones in the care of professionals as they study.

Family and Friends
Last but not least, your close family and friends are some of the best people to turn to if you are in need of support when taking a college degree. For many parents, it’s their own parents, siblings, and close friends who rally round to help out with childcare and more for the duration of the study period. Asking your family and friends who support you to help is often unavoidable as a parent going back to college.

For many parents, going back to college can seem like a stressful idea. But, with the right support, anyone can get a college degree.

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