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Get Healthy

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on April 1st, 2013

Spring floweringTwo weeks into spring, it is truly beginning to feel like winter has ended.  We’ve experienced several days with temperatures in the 50s and almost all of the snow is gone from lawns.  But this is New England, so we haven’t put our coats and gloves away yet.  We know there still will be chilly days and even the chance of more snow.

However, looking at the buds on tree branches and snow-free yards is inspiring.  The feeling of renewal is strong, which, for many, makes this the time to start a new diet and exercise regimen.  Bathing suit season isn’t far away!

Whether you are beginning a new journey of health and fitness or simply want to keep yourself in tiptop form, we have ideas that will inspire.

  • At Health Eagle, we just finished a month focusing on counseling.  Instead of considering therapists you can meet in person, we all discussed the benefits of online counseling.
  • To add some new moves to your workout, stop by My Fitness Tunes.  Whether you want to discover a different spin on ab exercises, a creative way to get some cardio, or a 15-minute workout that can fit into a tiny opening in your calendar, we’ve got you covered.
  • With warmer temperatures encouraging you to leave your house, Outdoors Eagle should be your ideal destination.  Providing you with articles on gear, tips, destinations, and preparation for a wide variety of outdoor activities, you can find some suggestions for an afternoon, daylong, or weekend adventure.

Here’s to a healthy, fitness-filled April!


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