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Fixing Things, Building Things

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on August 13th, 2012

I am not overly adept at using tools, powered or not.  Sure, I can make minor fixes, but I tend to leave repairs to professionals.  However, I can vividly remember being a little girl and knowing that my dad could fix anything.  When a leg for a doll’s table became loose, he fixed it.  If something were wrong with my bike, it was Dad that I would ask for help.  Not only could he fix things, he also could build them:  a cradle for my baby dolls when I was young and when I was expecting my first child, a cradle for my baby.

Even though my brothers and I are grown-ups, my dad still has projects to keep him busy, though no longer is it fixing doll furniture. With more time on his hands, he now is part of the Crystal River Boat Builders, which keeps him busy a couple days a week building a replica of the USS Wartappo. This Civil War era scow is being built using only tools from that time period. This past Saturday, the scow was turned 180 degrees to its upright position, as you can see in the two pictures.  Truly, my dad and the other members of the group are skilled builders.

Obviously, genetics alone don’t provide people with skills.  Otherwise I would be able to fix leaking faucets instead of call the plumber, never mind be able to build things.  I know that I am not alone in this category of being repair-challenged, as there are many tradesmen who make a living at their craft.  For those like me, who are uncertain about home projects, we have added a new feature to our home repair and remodeling publication, ‘Bout Home.  Every Friday we publish a Home How-To video, which provides instructions for minor household repairs.  For people who may not need a video for help on how to repair dents in a door, there are videos for small projects, such as installing a bullet light.  In our Home How-To collection, we cover a handful of topics, and it will keep growing on a weekly basis.

To all of those who have skills to build and repair, such as my dad, I applaud you on your talents.  For those like me who need a little guidance when undertaking such projects, I would suggest trying our videos, calling a tradesmen, or hoping you have a dad like mine.


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