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Five Gastronomic Cities You Must Experience

by Editorial Team on January 27th, 2017

Travel and food go together like wine and cheese. There are many wonderful flavours and aromas across the world we have yet to experience, and so little time to try them all. To help you go on a culinary adventure, we are providing the five gastronomic cities you must experience.

Caceres, Spain

The beautiful city of Caceres was awarded the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2015, and for good reason, because this is a city that could almost be built of flavour. While holidaymakers are more likely to visit the likes of Madrid or Barcelona, the real foodies are heading to Caceres, which offers simple, rustic meals that are created using the finest quality ingredients. The portions are also very generous, so you can guarantee you won’t feel a little bit hungry after a meal, even though you will want to keep coming back for more farm-style dishes.

Hanoi, Vietnam

The best food in Hanoi can be found on the streets, so don’t be afraid to go up to a market stall to try the pho tiu noodles with a sweet and sour soup or a banh mi. The smell alone will make your mouth water, and it’s here that the locals will purchase their dishes, so you know it must be good – not to mention it’s an affordable option when you’re travelling across Vietnam.

Tokyo, Japan

There is a reason why Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any other city in the world, and that’s because they consistently create beautiful dishes that deliver on flavour. There is something for everyone in the Japanese capital, from scrumptious sushi to okonomiyaki pancakes that the children will love. You also don’t have to spend much money to enjoy delicious meals, because the city caters to all travellers’ budgets, so you can choose to dine at a Michelin star skyscraper restaurant or can consume tasty tapas at a Japanese-style pub.

Manchester, England

Great Britain has a bad reputation for food, but the stereotype is unwarranted, especially if you visit a city like Manchester, as the restaurant scene is unstoppable. This buzzing city is alive with flavours and colours that burst onto a plate, with the Michelin-starred chef Simon Rogan creating exquisite dishes at The French, located within the Midland Hotel. Take a look at the Manchester city guide to learn more about its cuisine and culture.

New York City, USA

New York City is the home to residents who were born in every country on Earth, so the range of gastronomic cuisines must be experienced to be believed. This is a city that sets food trends, creating unique and inspiring dishes that change and adapt every year to suit tastes and creativity. However, if you want to experience a dish that is truly out of this world, you must try the oysters at the Grand Oyster Bar, which is located within Grand Central Station. There is a reason it has existed since 1913. You will not want to come home.

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