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February 2014 Highlights

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on February 3rd, 2014

February  HighlightsAlthough the natural instinct in business is to continue growing bigger, there are times when minimizing is the better option.  At PeKu we’ve recently made the decision to make things just a little bit smaller. As of this Friday, we will no longer be publishing new content at Health Eagle.

Why did we make this decision?

  • It wasn’t for lack of readers.  Health Eagle tends to be in the top half of our portfolio, in terms of readership.
  • It wasn’t for lack of topics.  It seems that every day there is some new medical topic of interest to the general community.
  • It wasn’t for lack of resources.  There are many PeKu writers that are willing to research and write on a wide array of health issues.

Again, why did we make this decision?

  • It was because we have come to accept that while our columnists are talented researchers and writers, none of them are health experts.  Even though we have a disclaimer that our articles are educational and that readers should consult with their own professionals, it seemed that we should leave medical articles to those educated in that field.
  • Having one less publication to manage means that we have more time to dedicate to the other 22 publications.  We can study them and find ways to add more features and articles in areas that we have greater knowledge.
  • We still will retain our specialists from Health Eagle.  Ask the Doctor will now be part of the My Fitness Tunes exercise experts, offering medical advice as it relates to fitness.  Pediatrician on Call will move to Your Parenting Info, a perfect place for him to be.

While I see all the positive aspects about reducing our portfolio from 23 to 22, it isn’t a celebratory occasion.  However, I am learning that sometimes in order to grow we need to become smaller first.



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