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End of the School Year Nostalgia

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on June 15th, 2015

grad capIn my previous career I was an elementary level teacher. I taught second, third, and fourth grades over a ten-year period. I left that career to build PeKu Publications. Although it has been seven years since my last class, June always makes me think about end of the school year. I don’t miss being in the classroom, but I do have many fond memories of this time of year. Witnessing┬áthe amazing amount of growth in your students and the strong community you have built is always pleasing.

In this role, I don’t have the same feelings in June. However, yesterday as I was cleaning a corner of our basement, I went through some of my teaching bins. I found things that could be discarded, such as outdated science texts. I also found things that made me smile: class pictures, plan books from all of my teaching years, cherished read aloud books.

As I was looking at the pictures, I found group shots from the class that currently is graduating from high school. You see, there’s another piece to my previous career. I taught in the town in which I live, which means that I still have some level of connection. With a recent high school graduate and a current high school junior, I attend many school events and see my former students. So, although I no longer teach, I still have the advantage of watching many of them grow up.

These same students are also connected, as PeKu provides a scholarship to one graduating senior. Being a former teacher and the head of a publishing company, they have to submit an essay. My editors (who aren’t locally based) review and score the essays to determine the winner.

This Wednesday I will attend Senior Night at my local high school. I have been asked to be the speaker at the NH Scholars ceremony and then will present my scholarship during Senior Awards. I am truly honored to be part of these events. I feel privileged to speak to this group of top students. I am proud of PeKu being successful enough to give back; while the scholarship isn’t large, it is great to know that PeKu is helping kids from my local community.

I’m sure when I stand in front of the seniors of Wednesday, I’ll have a little of that old, end of the school year feeling. I’ll be proud of who these students have become and where they are headed next.



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