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November 3rd, 2014

PeKu, Version Y

It's a whole new PeKu today, and honestly, I don't know what version number to call it.  We transformed from Wasabi Media Group to PeKu Publications in November 2012, so I guess that was version 1.  Since that time we've made tweaks and changes to PeKu.  We have changed our tagline (version 2?); we've removed a few sites (version 3?); we've reorganized our sections (version 4?).  During all of those rebrands and relaunches, I didn't bother to number the changes.

However, this change that we've made is huge.  I have been working on it behind the scenes for

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October 20th, 2014

Work in Progress

If you read my column regularly, you should have noticed that I haven't shared any of my editorial reflections during the month of October. You may wonder why that is.  Have I been unwell? Am I tired of writing?

The answer is that we are working on some major changes behind the scenes at PeKu. Rather than taking time out of brainstorming sessions, hands-on projects, et al to write this column, I have decided to stay 100% focused on the task at hand.

On November 3rd please be sure to return to my Editorially Yours column for a personal

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September 29th, 2014

Meet the Specialist- BnB Finder

At PeKu we work with an assortment of specialists who provide knowledge in their area of expertise.  On Think Tasty we work with two- Elizabeth Skipper, a personal chef, and BnB Finder, which provides us with a weekly recipe from one of their bed and breakfasts.  We began working with BnB Finder in February of 2012 on a monthly basis. Their recipes proved to be so popular that we changed to the weekly format in January 2013.  We have published 112 delicious BnB recipes and look forward to many more.

I was able to speak with Mary White,

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September 22nd, 2014

Beauty Is Where You Seek It

There are many places that we expect to find things of beauty: on the seashore, at an art museum, in the night sky.  However, as I was watching a football game yesterday I was struck by the beauty of a well-executed pass.

Let me start by explaining that I am not a football fanatic.  I enjoy watching my children play and my husband coach football.  I also enjoy watching the Patriots in their weekly game and playfully harassing my husband as he roots for the Ravens.  Outside of that, I don't need to spend any additional time watching

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September 15th, 2014

Creativity- A Key Ingredient for All

When my children were little, their days were filled with many games of imagination. My daughter loved to create scenarios involving princesses, ball gowns, and fancy parties. My son would build Lego structures and create adventures for the people and animals that lived within.  Whether playing on their own or having other people partake (I did a fine job as both princess and adventurer), the stories they told were creative and detail-oriented. I quickly learned that they had visions for how the stories were to be told and gladly let them take the lead in these games.


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September 8th, 2014

PeKu Milestones- September 2014

Every month we take a look at anniversaries that are being celebrated by both PeKu and its team.  This month we have two to recognize.

First, we have a writer that is in a class of his own. Joe Lawrence began writing for PeKu when we first launched in July 2008.  He wrote for us while deployed with the US Air Force and while starting a family of his own.  In March 2011, Joe decided it was time to focus on other aspects of his professional and personal life.  Much to our delight, he returned to PeKu in

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