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3 Pretty Rare but Useful Fishing Items

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

If you’ve recently taken up angling, you probably know that the market is overflowing with accessories and gear made for the hardcore fisher or just for someone who wants to have everything at hand while they are on the water.

Looking for something a bit more unique than the tradition rod and reel combo or lures and lines? If that’s so, we’ve compiled a list of three unique fishing items you might find more or less useful. Some can help you tend to your tasks a whole lot better while others have less of a practical purpose.

A bubble box
Despite being one of the most budget-friendly items in this list, a portable aerator can make all the difference if you like using live bait. Chances are that your catches also prefer live bait to artificial lures, and that’s because it has its own scent and is better capable of attracting fish than any plastic worm will ever do.

While there are many models available out there, the one that has caught our attention was the Marine Metal Aeratr. It’s an easy-to-use air pump that can run for approximately forty hours on two alkaline D-cell batteries. Thanks to the air provided by the Marine Metal Aeratr, your bait will keep on living for several more hours or even a whole extra day.

A rod-mounted tracker
Right off the bat, this kind of gadget might be frowned upon by some anglers, and that’s understandable seeing how it turns a particularly natural activity into a high-tech one. This particular tracker can help you keep tabs on the places where you’ve caught the most fish, your number of casts, the types of tackle you’ve utilized, as well as plenty of other data.

Of all of this information, it’s pretty clear that the location where you’ve caught the most fish can present some interest as you might forget all about it unless you keep a fishing log. And let’s face it, few people do that unless they’re into boat fishing.

Anglr Tracker is a small device that can be mounted on any kind of fishing rod. You have to pair it with a companion app that you can download for free from the Google Play Store or App Store. The tracker communicates with the app via a WiFi connection, so it relays the info you need to be extracted to your smartphone. While it might not be for everyone, it does a pretty good job at what it’s supposed to do.

A good cart for fishing
If you’re into surf fishing, getting a quality cart is absolutely necessary. It will help you carry your rods, reels, and tackle both conveniently and efficiently. Some models we’ve come across are extremely easy to put together, and various choices are even made of impact-resistant plastic, so they are also lightweight. We say it sure wouldn’t hurt if you had one of these in your garage and you took them out once in a while.

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Penny Stocks: A Primer

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Many people slog along in corporate jobs that allow very little creativity and freedom. The cubicle trap is real. Workers are seduced by the illusion security as executives and HR department heads espouse the values of the company and convince them that they will be treated as family. The myth holds for many workers, who feel comfortable trading their time and labor for security for themselves and the ones they love.

But day traders have figured out that you can break those chains. You can achieve financial independence with time and effort and penny stocks. While it may seem like a bold claim there is little to no doubt that many traders make real money from penny stocks. Thought of as silly small companies that offer little value to the world, penny stocks can actually bring traders a lot of profits. If they can learn how to trade them effectively.

That is the crux of the problem. It is hard work to learn how to take penny stocks and turn them into gold. You need discipline, a plan and plenty of ability to handle risk. Risk management is so vital to day trading and it is also a very good outlook on how to survive when you get the courage to move away from the corporate teat. Making the move from a boring, soul-destroying cubicle job to the world of day trading and penny stock trading takes guts and plenty of study.

So here is a primer. A detailed educational explainer on exactly what penny stocks are, how they are traded and what they can offer day traders that want to try to make money in penny stocks.

Penny stocks are low-priced, small-cap stocks. They used to be called pink sheets or OTC stocks, because they were listed on pink paper and sold over the counter. Penny stocks are considered by the SEC to be any stock that trades at a share price between $2 and $10. They are prone to serious volatility, violently fluctuating from low lows to high highs, all in the course of one market morning. Which makes for great fodder for day traders.

Penny stocks are inherently risky and they have the reputation for being havens for scammers and corruption. They have a reputation not unlike the Wild West of the 1800s to individual investors. But they really can provide value to day traders and investors. If you make sure that you pick the right stocks. There are strategies and plans for how to do that.

How do you buy penny stocks? Well, you can buy penny stocks through any online broker, regardless of whether or not they are listed on a major exchange. They are also on listing services like OTCBB and PInk Sheets.

What is the gain from buying penny stocks? In a word, volatility. Day traders can make real money from stocks that make huge moves on a particular day. The trick, as always, is finding those stocks and getting in and out at the right times.

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Vegetable Gardening Tips

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

When you think of a vegetable garden, you probably picture rows upon rows of corn in a field, or a traditional home garden that has a variety of squash and zucchini growing from the ground.

However, vegetable gardening can be done in a variety of different ways as well as in a lot of different places that make it feasible for just about anyone to start their own garden. I started my first gardening indoors and then on a balcony.

Square-Foot Gardening – Square-foot gardening is perfect for people who are vegetable-gardening beginners that are strapped for space. The garden is typically constructed in a 4 foot by 4-foot container that is broken into 16 different sections.

Each section has a certain crop designated for it and the soil is a very specific kind, making it easy for vegetables to thrive.

Container Gardening– Another option that is perfect for people who have less than the ideal amount of space, container gardening is basically growing vegetables in traditional plant pots.

The size of the container determines what type of vegetables you can grow in them, so the more vegetables you want, the bigger the pot you need to buy.

One thing to note: potted plants will need to be watered more often than those grown in the ground.

Raised Bed Gardening – Raised bed gardening is similar to square-foot gardening in the sense that it is done in a container above ground; however, it is not broken into square-foot sections.

Gardening Around a Pond – You might not realise, but it is possible to grow vegetables need a pond. Furthermore, you can even create an edible pond – this might sound bizarre, but it is actually true. I recommend grabbing a pond pump first, from a reputable retailer, such as:, followed by the pond liner. Then you should follow this guide which shows how you can grow yummy foods, straight from your pond.

The soil is usually more suited for vegetables because you add it into the garden bed versus planting it in the ground. It’s also easy to pick vegetables from the garden because you don’t have to worry about walking over the plants or bending down to pick them.

Indoor Gardening – If you live in an apartment or town-home without a yard for gardening it doesn’t mean you can’t have your own little vegetable garden.
With a little planning, you can actually grow an indoor garden instead of having one outdoors.

Indoor gardening is nearly identical to container gardening, but because you’re doing it inside you have to be vigilant in making sure that the plants are always getting enough sunlight and water.

Gardening in Rows – Planting vegetables in rows in a garden is the most traditional way of growing them. You have a standard gardening bed in the ground in a yard and you plant the seeds an appropriate amount of space apart from each other in carefully organized rows. This method requires ample space and regular weeding and watering.

No matter where you are or what sort of space you have, you can grow a vegetable garden. Each type of gardening method will allow you to grow vegetables that will thrive, and you will be able to enjoy fresh produce on a regular basis.

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Make Your Own BBQ Rib Rub

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Many people are daunted by the idea of making their own ribs at home. “I can’t possibly do that.” is heard way too often. So, ribs become a go to restaurant sort of meal. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as there are many good barbecue restaurants around, but you also shouldn’t have to wait for a night out to have a meal that you enjoy. Making good ribs is as easy as learning how to season and cook them.

When you think about ribs, there are two different types. Those made with a sauce, and those made with a rub. For lots of flavor and ease in making, a rub is the way to go. You could take a shortcut and buy a prepackage rub mix, but why would you do that? It’ll cost you more, and you’ll have to settle for the flavors that are in the package.

When making a rub, you need to include several different elements: sweet, salty, and seasonings. This is the best BBQ rib rub I’ve ever seen. With seven different elements for seasoning plus salt and sugar, it delivers a lot of flavor in perfect balance.

Another great thing about making your own rub, besides getting to control the balance of flavors, is that you can make it in the quantity you want. Need only enough for one batch of ribs? Go ahead and make a small amount. Want to have rub on hand for an impromptu barbecue? Double or triple the recipe, and store the extra in a sealed container.

Of course, once you’ve got the rub and the ribs, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. Cook those ribs on your outdoor grill, grab a chilled beverage, and have a seat. Whether you’re lounging on a porch swing, outdoor dining set, or other kitchen and dining products, you have a fun evening ahead of you.

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Simple Ways to Try Different Ejuice Flavors Without Breaking the Bank

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Vaping is more than just a trendy thing these days. It has become a part of mainstream lifestyle, with thousands – if not millions – of people across the country now vaping on a regular basis. The industry itself has grown a lot these past few years. You now have better vaporizers to choose from, as well as a long list of ejuice flavors for every occasion.

Speaking of flavors, one of the things that make vaping very popular is the different flavors you can enjoy when vaping. Trying new flavors and different ejuice brands has become an essential part of the culture too. Now, you can join the excitement and try different ejuice flavors without spending a lot of money in the process.

Vaping Communities and Gatherings
As mentioned before, vaping is so much more than a one-time hit. It is a part of the mainstream culture with millions of active vaporizer users becoming members of the vaping communities. These communities are mainly found online, but local communities are starting to become popular as well. In fact, community gatherings are easier to find than ever.

During these gatherings, members of the community bring their own ejuice flavors for others to try. They share tips and tricks, review the latest atomizers and mods, and even exchange liquids or accessories with other community members. You can gain instant access to a lot of different ejuice flavors by joining these community gatherings.

Before you do, however, there are two things you need first. You obviously have to bring your own vaporizer to the gathering. At the very least, you need to bring your own drip tip. Second of all, it is much better if you contribute to the experience by bringing the ejuice or liquids you have for others to try. That brings us neatly to the next part of our article.

Subscription Boxes
The whole culture of trying new flavors is so popular that top names in the vaping industry are starting to offer subscription boxes. was among the first to sell a premium e-juice subscription and the service is immensely popular.

Subscription boxes give you access to four to five new flavors every month for a relatively small fee. Not only will you be able to save on each bottle of ejuice you get, you will also have exclusive access to some of the newest flavors on the market.

Sample Bottles
The last trick you can try if you want to try new ejuice flavors without spending a lot of money is buying samples instead of the full bottles. Most brands ejuice brands now offer samples on their websites. Some are free, while others require you to pay the shipping cost or a small fee for the sample kit.

You don’t always get the latest flavors and you may end up paying more for the samples, especially if you try a lot of different flavors, but the overall costs are still more affordable than buying full bottles that you are not sure you’re going to like. Besides, you can always exchange samples with other members of the vaping community, can’t you?

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Why Parents Returning to College Should Study Online

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Going back to college can be a tricky decision for parents. When you have young children depending on you, it’s important that you only commit to things which leave you with the time that you need to devote to family responsibilities. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a partner who is able to support your family financially, going to college full-time is often out of the question for parents. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ways around it. With programs such as an online MPA degree, parents can study, work and look after their families at the same time with ease and flexibility. We’ve listed some of the best reasons to choose an online degree as a parent.

More Time for Family
Devoting your time to studying for a degree can be difficult as a parent, as it could mean that you miss out on important milestones in your children’s lives and get less time to spend with them as they grow up. However, when you study for an online degree, you’ll be able to spend your study time at home with your family right there. Today, you can study for almost anything from home, whether you’re interested in furthering your career in nursing, business, or are considering taking an online masters in public administration.

Fits Around Your Life
One of the unique things about studying online is that you can tailor your learning to suit. With online degrees, students no longer have to worry about missing classes, rearranging plans or making new schedules to fit in a class time table. As a parent, studying online means that you won’t need to worry about who’s going to do the school run in the morning or pick the children back up in the afternoon if you’re in class – you’re in charge of your own ‘classes’, including what times they are at.

Save Money
Raising a family is certainly not a cheap experience, and when a lot of your budget goes towards feeding, clothing, educating and entertaining your little ones, hefty tuition fees can tighten your purse strings significantly, and could even land you in financial difficulty. On average, you can usually save around a third on tuition fees simply by opting for an online program instead. This will leave you with less student debt to worry about and more cash in the bank to enjoy with your little ones or save for a rainy day. If you’re worried about the financial aspect of going to college as a parent, you may be eligible for financial aid. Studying online won’t just help you save money on tuition fees, either – you’ll also save on the additional costs of going to college, such as commuting and buying books.

Thanks to online learning, there’s no need to let your family responsibilities and commitments hold you back from furthering your education and gaining the degree that you want. There is a huge range of online degree programs now available.

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