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Suzanne Foglio

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Suzanne Foglio, founder of Vibrant Life After Cancer is a Health and Lifestyle Coach certified in the Transformational Coaching Method. Inspired to take action after her husband’s Stage IV cancer diagnosis, Suzanne is a speaker, author and passionate health advocate that educates, supports and inspires cancer survivors to create their most beautiful lives through healthy lifestyle choices. In addition, Suzanne is Vice President of an employee benefits firm that she co-founded in 1986 with her husband, Jim. She resides in New Jersey with her husband Jim and son Matthew.

To learn more about Suzanne, please visit Vibrant Life After Cancer.

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BnB Finder

Monday, March 3rd, 2014 is the world’s most comprehensive independently owned bed and breakfast directory.  Founded in 1998 by author and noted B&B expert Mary White, was the first bed and breakfast directory to offer RSS Feeds, a blog, downloadable content for handheld devices, and guest reviews.  In 2011, BnBFinder-Mobile was launched – the first mobile bed and breakfast directory to offer location based searches (LBS). is a top-rated directory with thousands of B&B, inn, and boutique hotel listings from all over the world.  Featuring the most extensive advanced search function of any B&B directory, visitors can modify results using over 130 search options. Visit and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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Shirley L. Moore

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Shirley L. Moore is a Licensed Massage Therapist and work-at-home mom of two rambunctious boys often asking herself, “Which uniform do I to wear today?” In between wiping faces, changing diapers, singing the “clean-up” song, and kissing “owies,” she finds the time to write, sew projects for her Etsy Store, travel to see massage clients, work on her websites, make dinner, and put her feet up. As a former truck driver for over six years and living in tight quarters that move, she knows the value of being efficiently organized utilizing every inch of space one is given. A lifetime of being organized has paid off in her multitask lifestyle. For without it, she would definitely lose her keys! And though it is all right to lose your keys on occasion, staying organized will help keep you from losing your mind!

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Julia Loschiavo

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Julia is a rising junior at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, pursuing an Honors English and Web Design degree. Her interests include reading, writing, baking, yoga, and studying French.

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Allison DeCesere

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Allison DeCesere has had a passion for weddings and party planning that began at a young age. Over the years, she helped numerous friends and family members plan their own weddings. After working functions at the Stephens Estate in North Andover, MA and the Wentworth by the Sea in New Castle, NH, Allison decided that the schedule of week-ends and holidays did not fit well into her life. She longed for a way to work in the wedding industry without having the poor schedule. While helping her best friend plan her wedding, Allison discovered that a large niche was missing in this industry. It was really difficult to find wedding vendors. Sure, you can get lists of wedding vendors but so much time goes into trying to figure out if they fit your needs. Allison thought it would be great if you could go to one place and get all the information about vendors without having to go to their website or call them. And so, My Bridal Dream launched in May of 2011.

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Amy Harrington

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Amy is the newest addition to the PeKu Publications team as a Features Reporter. She will be interviewing and highlighting chefs and their restaurants across the country. Amy is a junior studying Communication at Saint Anselm College. Her other interests include being on her college’s Dance Team, participating in clubs and activities, and volunteering.

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