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Things to Do with Kids in Costa Rica

Friday, August 26th, 2016

beachIf you are hoping to take your children on a family vacation that’s full of adventure and great things to see and do, Costa Rica is a destination which is perfect for everyone. There are great beaches for kids to play on whilst the adults relax in the sun, a vast array of water sport opportunities, fantastic opportunities for spotting wildlife, and exciting volcanos that you won’t want to miss. With so much to do for all the family in this Central American hotspot, it can be hard to choose the best things to do on your vacation. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the best things to do with kids in Costa Rica.

Volcano Arenal
Whether you’re visiting Costa Rica with kids or not, Volcano Arenal is one of the must-see sights. This active volcano is a sight that none of you are going to forget any time soon, and kids will love seeing something that up until now, they have probably only learned about in school. Standing at a huge 5,437 feet, the Arenal Volcano looms over the pastured green hills which surround it at the base. For the past forty-three years, the Volcano Arenal has been the country’s most active volcano, with both major and minor eruptions.

Gold Coast
With beaches, fishing villages and more, the Gold Coast of Costa Rica is a must-visit if you’re planning to visit the country as a family. With plenty of things to do for all of the family, the Gold Coast and its beaches are a hotspot for water-based activities such as snorkeling, fishing, boating, and more. Or, you can simply spend your days relaxing on some of the stunning beaches where children can happily spend hours playing games on the brilliant white sands and paddling in the clear blue sea.

Manuel Antonio National Park
With a wide array of things to do and see, the Manuel Antonio National Park makes a great base for a Costa Rican family vacation. The most popular National Park in the country, it’s easy to see why tourists flock to see this area in their droves due to the stunning unspoiled beaches, amazing wildlife, and the dense, vibrant rainforest. Red backed squirrel monkeys are one of the hugest attractions to this National Park, and little ones will love spotting these rare monkeys on a trip through Manuel Antonio National Park. There are also other monkeys to be spotted, including the spider monkey, white-faced Capuchin, and the mantled howler monkeys which often hangs around at the entrance to the park in search of food. If you’re hoping to stay close by to Manuel Antonio National Park during your stay in Costa Rica, the Villa Punto de Vista Costa Rica offers some stunning accommodation options which are perfect for families.

If you’re looking for a vacation opportunity which offers something for everyone of all ages, Costa Rica is one of the most perfect destinations. With great weather, beaches, wildlife and things to do, it should definitely be on the top of your list this summer!

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How to Train Your Child to Treat Animals Well

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

dog-1020790_640Studies have shown how important animal interaction is for a child’s development; however, it does come with issues. You need to teach your children to both respect animals and be wary of them without being scared. Respect is an important aspect otherwise your family pet might end up like Emilio the goldfish in Kill Bill Vol 2 and get stomped on. You never want your child to be afraid of animals, but then you also don’t want them to run up to a Rottweiler and grab it by the face. Read on for some advice on how to integrate animals into the family and what to look out for when it comes to your child’s interaction with the animal.

Humans have an innate desire to dominate everything around them, and this usually manifests itself in children when they hurt animals. They learn that they have the power over something and will hurt it. The majority of children, when taught why they shouldn’t harm animals, will learn not to do it and grow up with a hatred of animal suffering. If you suspect your child is not learning this and is intentionally hurting animals for pleasure, it is a big indicator of wider mental issues and you should get them seen to by a specialist. Teach children that animals feel fear too and that you should never hurt them intentionally. Show them how naturally trusting many animals are and why this shouldn’t be taken for granted.

You don’t want your child to fear animals, as I mentioned earlier, but they need to learn what damage an animal can do and how to read the signs when an animal might attack. If you have fish, this section is moot, however anything bigger and with teeth or claws, poses a problem. Teach them how animals can react to certain events that cause them stress or fear and what harm it could do. Make sure the child knows that animals rarely attack unless provoked.

An extra warning here about dogs: if a dog’s tail is wagging it means either that they are happy and excited or anxious. Most people don’t know that and always assume a dog with a wagging tail is happy and this is when most attacks happen, so ensure your child knows that even though their tail is wagging, it doesn’t mean that they are happy.

What to Look For
Dogs are probably the best pets for children as they are loving and loyal, and scientists agree that they have a connection with us that no other animal possesses (except maybe horses and dolphins), but you should consider the following before welcoming a dog into your family dynamic:

  • Energy Levels – Some dogs, like the Grey Hound, don’t require a lot of exercise and are happy to laze by the fire, however Border Collies, require a lot of exercise otherwise they go a bit loopy and pose a threat to children and themselves. Make sure you have time to properly walk your dogs, if you get an energetic breed.
  • Size –Teacup Puppies for example are a big trend right now, but due to their size you need children to take extra care with them. However, they do make good pets because even if they do snap, they can’t do any real damage. Plus, they are so, so cute. Little Puppies Online specialize in them; I mean just check out their Teacup puppies; have you ever seen cuter animals?!
  • Temperament – Some dogs are better with kid than others. Bull Dogs and Golden Retrievers are excellent with children, whereas Akitas and Huskies are not.

Use some common sense; make sure your kids know how to respect animals, and your child will have a new best friend for years and years.

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Embracing Differences

Friday, August 12th, 2016

laptop-158648_640Your Child’s Differences Do Not Have to Hinder Their Creativity

If you were to ask any leading child psychologist, they would tell you that every child is different. It is easy to see these differences when we look at it from a physical standpoint. There are no two people who look exactly alike. Although there are similarities, unless you have an identical twin somewhere, you have your own specific look. Where we understand this physically, it is difficult to grasp the concept on a mental level.

Everyone who has ever has a child has desired the best possible for that child. The fact that children learn differently than one another seems to make no bearing on our parental desires to see our children succeed. Much of the focus on how a person learns is given to those that may not have the same mental capacity as the general public.

Supposed Disabilities

One of the most common words used to describe someone who may not fit within our societal viewpoint of what it is to be normal is the word disabled. For years it is this word that has kept people from reaching further. There is a wall that seems to be put up when someone is considered disabled and they are viewed as less than the seemingly normal people of the world. It is important however that we tear down this wall and allow for the supposed disabled people to have a voice within our society.

It may be true that some people may not possess the same talents that others do, but this should never be considered a disability. This can be said of all people actually because some people excel in math while other people are more drawn to science. Just because someone has a learning disability or is considered to be a little slower than most does not mean that the person has the inability to realize their own talents.

Creativity at Its Best

Science has yet to unlock all of the mysteries that surround the human brain. They will claim that they understand its inner workings, but in reality they are merely forming opinions based on past events. The truth is that the past events that these scientists are studying are based upon people who were not given the chances that supposed disabled people are given today so they are actually irrelevant to the studies.

People with disabilities often display amazing capabilities in one area or another. These special talents are often quite amazing to behold. There are some autistic people that are basically human calculators while others are accomplished pianists. The key to getting to those talents is finding out how exactly the individual learns as opposed to simply getting them into a classroom with others of similar distinction.

How to Unlock Creativity

Teachers do an awesome job at working with kids and those that work with children that are supposed disabled are even more special. They understand the individuality of these kids and therefore are able to come up with different tools and techniques to teach them properly and allow them to reach their full potential. Many teachers have invented new tools to aid in their teaching and even when they are not available to the general public, the magic of 3D printing is able to bring the idea to life.

Creativity is able to be unlocked when the tools available are able to be understood by the student using them. Computers and 3D imagery enable all students to be able to look at things in a different way. It gives teachers the ability to adapt their teaching strategy to better fit with what the individual child needs. Many of these students seem to take on an entirely different viewpoint when placed in front of a computer or given one of these teaching tools.

Computers and Teaching

We use computers on a daily basis in life and we begin to forget how beneficial they can be to people who may not communicate so well with others. The basis of a computer program is a series of ones and zeros that make no sense to the average mind, but when you mind works differently than the average, much can be understood from a computer. The potential for learning from a computer and the knowledge that can be gained from the program can work to potentially unlock many of the things that seem to hold supposed disabled people back.

It is not a matter of making all people alike, but adapting the way we teach those that are considered disabled. The road to success may be a long one, but it is one that is vital to the success of the individual person. No matter how we are born or what learning capacity we may possess, we are all human and all humans need an outlet for creativity and the ability to learn

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PeKu Publications – Stages of Success – Act 4

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

As the owner of a startup, or a business, you (hopefully) are reviewing statistics on a regular basis. At PeKu I take time each Monday to analyze a variety of reports. There’s nothing better than seeing an increase in readers or discovering that a new promotion was successful. Yes, it is pure happiness to see your company thriving.

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