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PeKu News- August 2015

Monday, August 24th, 2015

PeKu-News_2015_2August is nearing its end, and we haven’t covered our anniversaries and team changes.

However, it’s a quiet month here. We have had no changes to our team but do have one anniversary.

  • Gary Hays celebrates his one year anniversary at PeKu at the end of this month. Gary writes on several publications, including Good Life Review, Parched No More, and ‘Bout Green. Within these publications, he writes about eco-friendly living, world travels, and home bartending ideas.

Like a lot of the work world, it’s pretty quiet at PeKu. The shared office out of which I work is about half-full today. I am guessing that most of my officemates are trying to find some fun in the days before summer ends. After Labor Day I’m certain the office will return to its typical hustle and bustle.

As always, be sure to return daily to read our latest articles. Also, be sure to check into Editorially Yours every Monday. We have some big announcements coming in the next few weeks!

The Value of Emojis (AKA Clear Communication)

Monday, August 17th, 2015

emojiOver the past weekend my husband and I traveled to Florida to visit my in-laws. Due to a number of reasons, including sports tryouts, summer jobs, and classes starting, we went without any of our children. While traveling I saw a social media comment written by one of our four that was unclear. Did it mean that this teen was unhappy with me? Was it meant to be a tongue-in-cheek joke? Without any emojis, I wasn’t really sure. While it didn’t warrant a phone call, I did add it to my mental checklist for discussing upon our return.

Separate from this parenting concern, I had made some major changes at PeKu before leaving. All team members were emailed, and (I thought) all were aware of the forthcoming effects from these changes. On Saturday I received an email from a team member who wondered whether his role were at risk. I felt horribly. Although I thought I had made it clear that he would keep the same position and assignments, to him it wasn’t clear.

I sent a reply almost immediately, assuring him that nothing had changed for him. I also apologized for the lack of clarity in my email. I tend to think that I am concise in my emails, but I have learned a lesson. In situations as crucial as this, ask for an extra set of eyes to make sure my message is clear.

Fast forward to this morning and the ride to work with the aforementioned teen. I asked if the post was meant to be funny or if something were wrong. To my surprise it was neither of those. It was a technical/operational statement, which was something I hadn’t considered. It was neither meant to be a snarky nor funny remark, it actually was meant as endearing.

As I drove, I thought about my own team email and my teen’s post. Sometimes there need to be more attention to details; be it emojis, more words, or a response required. In my work world, where so much of my communication comes in written format, I’ll be sure to utilize the clearest language possible.

What’s Exciting in August

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Join Peku as she shares her thoughts on what’s new and exciting at PeKu Publications this month.

August 2015 Highlights

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

EY_August-Highlights_2015We may be entering the dog days of summer, but there’s no slacking at PeKu. We have been busy updating our editorial calendar in order to provide content that is even more refined.  Refinement is something that I mention frequently in this column, which begs the question, “Why do you refine your content so often?”

Our eleven publications have one commonality- they are targeted at the female audience. Beyond that I always am seeking ways to make our publications more connected. So, each month as we work on the editorial calendar, we look for ways to create bonds between the publications. This month we created several new connections.

  • Think Tasty– Rather than highlighting an ingredient for a couple weeks, we now are aligning our recipes with the celebration of the week at Holidays Helper. Consider it two-stop planning: First, go to Holidays Helper for your party inspiration. Then, go to Think Tasty to find recipes for the big event.
  • Little Bit of Green– Each week we highlight a gardening region and what currently can be done for gardens there. To offer more ideas to our readers, we are highlighting one ornamental and one edible plant for that region. In one week you can discover a new plant you should be growing and make sure you are providing all the care your plants need.
  • Here Comes a Bride– Looking at our monthly schedule, it seemed that we needed to devote more time to accessories and beauty for the bride and her party. To do this we eliminated the bridal tips column. However, fear not! Most of those tips will now be infused within our other articles.

Yes, this August is filled with 100% original content, as always. Plus, there will be some new topics covered. Let us know if there are other topics you’d love to see. We’d be glad to consider other ideas.

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