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Stages of Success: Act 1

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

When I launched PeKu Publications seven years ago, I had almost no publishing experience and absolutely no business experience in my career history. So, why would I ever think that I could launch a multi-publication, online business? Maybe a little bit of it was sheer bravado, but I also knew my own strengths.

First, I know that I am a solid writer and an even better editor. I chose a business in which I knew my own personal skills were strong.

What’s Your Motivation Today?

Monday, July 27th, 2015

peku coffeeAfter a weekend filled with work projects, home projects, and a little bit of fun, some of us are seeking some coffee to get this week started. (I’m looking at you, Peku. . .)

Peku and I are using this motivational coffee to give us a jump start this morning.  My actual inspiration is the goal to inspire, inform, and engage our audience. What’s motivating you?

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Conference Venue

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

eventAre you planning on hosting a conference and inviting people from your industry to come and learn from experts and network with one another and with a variety of vendors? Then continue reading for a few helpful tips that will help you choose the ideal conference venue.

Search for the Best Venues Online
An internet search is one of the easiest ways to locate the best conference venues in an area. Visit sites like and browse through your many options until you find the ones that you would like to contact for more information or see in person. This is a great place to start, and you may be surprised by all of the options that are available to you.

Consider Your Attendees and the Accessibility of the Venue
Like anything else, a great conference venue will be located in an attractive location. This is one of the key ways to maximise attendance, so take some time to find venues that are easy to get to, even with public transportation, and locations that attendees will be comfortable going to. You also want to be certain that there is plenty of parking available for all of your attendees, and that there are other things to do, such as restaurants, theatres, and attractions.

Technological Capabilities
Technology will play a big role in the presentations of many of your expert speakers, so you want to choose a venue that has the technological capabilities to accommodate each and every presenter. Some things you should have include reliable, site-wide Wi-Fi, charging stations, and tech support throughout the event. In addition to benefitting the presenters, this technology will also keep your attendees happy.

Food Offerings
It is also important to choose a venue that will be able to provide plenty of food and beverages to your attendees and presenters. But if you feel that the offerings are limited or you want something a little different in terms of the menu offered, ask the venue manager if they will allow you to bring in outsider caterers. Make sure you provide a variety of foods to accommodate every major diet, including vegans, and keep food allergies and special diets, such as gluten free diets, in mind as well. No one should be hungry at your event!

Of course, even if you find the best venue, it will not work if it’s too expensive. So go ahead and set a budget and then try to find a venue that will work with you to give you everything that you need within that budget. You might even find that a venue is willing to give you a great deal if you’re willing to sign a multi-year contract, so use the power of negotiation when you can.

These are just five ways to ensure you will book the best venue for an upcoming professional conference that you plan on hosting. Remember to think about your guests and their needs, as this will help you find a venue that will attract the most people.

Brought to you by our friends at Venue Search London.

Peku the Penguin

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Peku is the official mascot of PeKu Publications. She enjoys working at PeKu, relaxing at home, and taking new journeys.

Nurturer of All (Except Plants)

Monday, July 20th, 2015

heartOne of my strongest qualities is my ability to nurture living things. I do this in a myriad of ways, but it is what I do best. I’ve nurtured my children through the many stages of childhood and teen years. Throughout my life I’ve nurtured cats, dogs, hamsters, lizards, chickens, and many other creatures. Plants, however, I haven’t nurtured as well. Let’s just say that I leave the plant care in the capable hands of my husband.

So, what does nurturing things that breathe have to do with running PeKu? A lot. I think of PeKu as a living, breathing creature. I celebrate its birthday. I check on it every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake. It is something that I have nurtured since its inception. Whether it be thinking about a publication’s design, a new category of columns, or a social media campaign, I focus on the care of PeKu.

A key thing to note is that nurturing means many things to me. Although nurturing might conjure an image of snuggling a baby in a blanket, nurturing can be both praising and correcting. If I had only fawned over my pets and children, I would have a household of obnoxious, spoiled beings. No, sometimes nurturing means working harder, making tough decisions, and lots of sweat and tears.

Every day I think about PeKu- how I can make it better for our readers, how it can function more efficiently, how it can grow into an even better publishing company. Sometimes it can be accomplished by fun projects, such as a social media contest. Other times it requires a less pleasant task, such as eliminating a column. Regardless to whether it is positive or negative, the end goal is to create the best PeKu I can.

Kids, pets, PeKu, I’ll keep nurturing. Plants, you’re on your own.

PeKu Team News- July 2015

Monday, July 13th, 2015

PeKu-News_2015_1As I mentioned last week, PeKu celebrated its seventh birthday at the beginning of this month. However, the company isn’t the only one celebrating a milestone this month. Three team members have reached different milestones at PeKu.

  • Charles Wangersky reached his one-year anniversary of writing for PeKu at the beginning of the month. Charles writes a biweekly review column for Parched No More that introduces our readers to an assortment of different styles of beers.
  • Kimberly Hays celebrates her three-year anniversary of writing for PeKu at the end of the month. In addition to the editorial role that she holds with PeKu, she also writes about a dozen articles a month. As a talented crafter, she creates holidays crafts for elementary-aged children and home DIY projects for adults. She also writes an assortment of articles that revolve around holiday celebrations.
  • Gennadiy Denchenko marks his six-year anniversary at PeKu in the middle of the month. Initially serving as a part-time engineer, Gennadiy has been our director of engineering for several years now. He keeps our publications running, bug-free, and user friendly.

As this time of summer tends to be quiet with no holidays to celebrate and many people on vacation, it is a great time to have milestones to recognize and applaud!

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