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Memorial Day

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Memorial Day

Manners- Appropriate in All Situations

Monday, May 18th, 2015

thank_youAt the end of March, on the same day, we published articles on two different publications that were written by different columnists but that covered the same topic, manners. While reviewing articles that day I added that topic to my ever evolving list of Editorially Yours columns.  Last Friday we published another article that touched on the topic of manners, which reminded me that I needed to write this column.

In those three columns, the topic of manners was addressed from a variety of angles. The first one that I read was about teaching manners to preschoolers. In his article Joe Lawrence shared a handful of strategies that he and his wife utilize to implement good manners in both their toddler and preschooler. The second article that I read concerned adults and manners at weddings. Lori Sciame wisely advised attendees to follow basic etiquette guidelines, such as sending your RSVP early. She had four other terrific pieces of advice, that you can read here. Finally, last Friday I read the advice of a teenager regarding hanging out at friends’ house. Among the tips was a reminder to be polite.

These may seem like such simple things, but I find that manners can be lacking. For me, manners are part of every aspect of life. When my children were babies, among the things that I taught them were important words, please and thank you. Once they were speaking and could ask for items, they were taught to add please to the phrase. So, their speech grew from simply “Water” to “Water, please.” They also saw and heard that Mommy did the same. If I wanted a toy put away, I would ask and include a “Please”.

However, manners don’t belong only at home or when teaching your children, at least in my opinion. I am a believer that honey does far better than vinegar and that respecting others is important. This is true almost anywhere. When seeking help at the grocery store, a please will get you much better results than stomping your feet. An excuse me to someone blocking your view at an event will most likely be more effective than “Get out of my way!”

These seem general expectations of being polite are important at work also. When there are new expectations for my team, I am sure to thank them for the effort that it requires. When I need to ask for assistance or changes, I am sure to ask kindly. There’s no need to demand. I find that the work environment, even when virtual, benefits from kindness and consideration of others.

If you find your manners are lacking, take a read of those three columns. I am hoping they inspire you the way that they inspired me.

Tunes News Highlighted in Soundgarden Photo Journal

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Manchester, NH- In May 2014, Jaye English of Spoondog Entertainment Group contacted the editorial team of Tunes News, a PeKu Publications property. Developing a photo journal of Soundgarden, English requested permission to publish a concert review from Tunes News.

The concert review was written by former PeKu team member, John Frazzetta. It detailed the July 6, 2011 concert held at Mohegan Sun Arena and included an original photo taken by the author. The article published initially on July 15, 2011.

Today, Spoondog Entertainment Group has published the book, Photofantasm Soundgarden – Nudedragons to King Animal. Included in this collection is the original Mohegan Sun review written by Frazzetta.

This Soundgarden photo journal is available for pre-order. The book will ship by June 16th of this year. Included in this collection are graphic art, reviews, photographs, and more. Covering the band from 2010 to 2013, it was created with the help of many fans, authors, photographers, musicians, and artists, including our former columnist, John Frazzetta.

To learn more about this book, please visit

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PeKu News- May 2015

Monday, May 11th, 2015

peonyWe have peonies in our front yard, which have supports that we add once they’re about a foot tall. These plants grow not far from my office window, so I get the pleasure of seeing them everyday. At the beginning of last week, when I glanced at them, they were barely beginning to grow for the season; they might have been six inches tall.  We had wonderfully warm and sunny weather last week, which inspired these plants to grow. They grew so much that yesterday we needed to add their supports. Looking at them today, they must be nearly a foot and a half tall!

Change is funny like that. For weeks these plants were just tiny stalks awaiting their growth spurt. Over the past seven days, they’ve grown in leaps and bounds. While it probably is a while until we see their gorgeous blooms, their daily development is astounding.

At PeKu we’ve experienced a number of changes over the past two months. Two of our long-term writers have left our team to move forward on new ventures. Ronald A. Rowe began writing for us in February 2009 when PeKu wasn’t even a year old. Jason Lightner joined the team in July 2010, as we marked our second birthday. Combined, these two columnists wrote thousands of wonderful columns over the years. I will miss their humor, insights, and thoughts on so many different topics.

As I mentioned last month, we have added new writers to the PeKu team to fill these gaps. This month we are adding another new columnist to our team. Cricket Webber joins us, penning columns for Feathers Fins and Fur, ‘Bout Home, and Little Bit of Green. From informing our audience on edible and decorative plants to inspiring us with home decorating ideas, she is sure to add zest to our publications.

While it is hard to say goodbye to team members who I have gotten to know so well, it is exciting to work with new people and experience topics through their thoughts. Please join me in wishing the best to Ron and Jason and welcoming Cricket.

Making More Connections in May

Monday, May 4th, 2015

May-Highlights_2015Almost every month I make tweaks to the editorial calendar. Sometimes it is something small, such as creating a new subcategory. Other times it is a realignment of publications and sections, which is a major task. Of course, other changes fall somewhere in between.

In April I mentioned that we had reorganized the categories on Good Life Review, our travel publication. Along with that change, we updated the calendar on the two other publications in that section. These changes provide more continuity between the three publications and allow our readers to have a smoother transition, reading from one publication to the next.

On Parched No More:

  • We eliminated our spirit and wine reviews.
  • We added a well-stocked bar column, which may include spirit reviews but also highlights other noteworthy home-bartending topics, such as bar decor, bar tools, and helpful bartending hints.
  • We added two new wine columns. Destination winery details wineries that are located near our Good Life Review destination of the month. If you’re visiting a certain locale, you now know where to find an interesting winery nearby. The other wine article is regional wines, which will introduce our readers to wines from the general region of the GLR destination.

On Think Tasty:

  • We eliminated our cooking basics column.
  • We added a restaurant destination column. Each month we will find a restaurant in the Good Life Review destination for each of our travel themes. Thus, there will be a girls’ trip restaurant, budget restaurant, family restaurant, and romantic restaurant. If you’re traveling in one of those modes, we’ll have a place to suggest.

These changes, while on the smaller side, hopefully make a big impact with our readers. We want our Fine Living section to be your destination for all things food, beverage, and travel related.

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