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Meet the Team- Mary Regan

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Mary-259x400This month’s interview was conducted with the second of our two interns this semester. (Click here to read last month’s intern interview.) Mary Regan is filling the role of our Communications Specialist. A junior at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, she has been adding posts to several of our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Additionally, she is working on a new promotion that involves PeKu bracelets. Read on to learn more about Mary.

MPK: What do you do in your role as the Communications Specialist?

MR: In my role as the Communications Specialist at PeKu Publications I manage a lot of the social media presence of PeKu. I post the articles for Parched No More, Feathers Fins and Fur, Think Tasty, Your Parenting Info, and the general PeKu account to Twitter on a daily basis. I also write the Facebook posts for PeKu, pin to our 11 different boards on Pinterest, and manage the Instagram accounts for Think Tasty, My Fitness Tunes, and Good Life Review. I also recently wrote a press release about our social media expansions and distributed PeKu brand bracelets displaying our #PeKuLovesYou twitter hashtag.

MPK: What is your favorite part of the role?

MR: That’s a rough questions! There have been a few favorite parts. It surprised me a bit that one of my favorite parts of each day is reading all of the articles I post about. The advice and tips are almost always awesome and are things I can apply to my life, and I have totally tried some of the recipes and DIY ideas. I also really love what a learning experience this has been. My role has been much more broad than I expected, and I have learned so much about social media.

MPK: As a student at St. Anselm College, have any of your classes helped with the internship?

MR: The mediated communications class that I took last semester definitely helped me in some aspects of this internship. And, of course, my writing classes and English major background have helped me manipulate language in a creative way despite the limited-character posts on Twitter.

MPK: What are your post-graduation goals? (Or as that is a year away, what are your senior year goals?)

MR: My goal for next year would be to just finish my college career strong! My post-grad goals are definitely becoming clearer the closer I get to the finish line. I would like to move to a bigger city and find a job! I would love to work in social media or PR and eventually go to grad school. I love sports so working for a sports team would be my dream job, but it’s a very competitive market so I think this internship has taught me that doing social media or PR for a company would suit me well also.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

MR: I think our readers would be surprised to learn that I am an avid runner. I run almost every day and ran my first marathon just before the start of my internship with PeKu. And, I am currently in training to run another marathon in May!

Doing Good Deeds

Monday, April 20th, 2015

valentine-wallpaperLast week Boston celebrated a new holiday, One Boston Day. To be held on April 15th every year, this is meant to be a day of performing kind acts for others.  Created as a way to honor the strength of the city in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, I think it is a wonderful way to mark this somber date.

This very idea of giving back is one that I appreciate. What I find amazing is how good it feels to do something small for someone else. Last winter I put away a shopping carriage in a parking lot for a mom with her toddler in tow. It added 30 extra seconds to my time in the parking lot. Seeing the mom’s face and having been in that situation with my own kids, I know it meant more to her than it took from me. These acts of kindness require little effort but create much happiness.

I also have experienced the benefits of acts of kindness, both big and small. From a door held an extra moment for me to the gift of a laptop at a time when I couldn’t afford the expense, I have been fortunate to receive such generosity from others.

Recently, I was able to do something for a friend who was trying to get started in the world of blogging. Although I am not a technical master, I do have a bit of experience in the world of online publishing. Plus, I have the talents of my engineering team who can design and code to fill in for my gaps. So, I spent a couple hours last week with my team, helping launch my friend’s website. It wasn’t that long ago that it was I who was trying to figure out how to create a food blog.

Now, I am pleased to say that her blog is live, and she has published her first post. If you are looking for some inspiring thoughts, be sure to check out my friend’s blog, The Sparkle of Silver Linings. You also can check her daily inspiration on Facebook.

If you have a chance, perform your own act of kindness for someone. It is sure to be appreciated.

PeKu Publications Expands Social Media Presence

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Manchester, NH— Over the past few months PeKu Publications has expanded and solidified their social media presence in many different ways in order to bring PeKu to the largest number of readers possible in an innovative way.

These expansions have taken place on the social media fronts of Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Their Good Life Review site has been added to Instagram under the username, “PeKu Travel”. This profile features pictures of beautiful destinations around the world with links to articles on the Good Life Review publication website. The company is also very excited to announce that they have recently brought a new publication to YouTube. Their Holidays Helper site now has it’s own YouTube channel under the name “Holiday Inspiration by PeKu”. This channel features video inspiration for celebration of less popular holidays and helpful ideas for food, crafts, and entertainment for a variety of fun gatherings. PeKu’s pet-lover oriented publication, Feathers Fins and Fur, has joined the world of Twitter as @PeKuPets. This account serves to tweet out links to the daily articles featured on the publication which include animal breed spotlights, pet care advice, a “Ask the Vet” column, and more. They hope that this expansion will help Feathers Fins and Fur reach a broader audience of animal lovers worldwide. Michele Pesula Kuegler, CEO and founder of PeKu, states “We recognize that in this fast-paced world our readers don’t always have time to read an article. By providing an essence of our current topics via social media, we hope to keep our audience engaged with PeKu Publications.”

PeKu Publications has also added a new angle to their social media promotion with the presence of their mascot, PeKu the Penguin, taking to Twitter and Instagram. She is under the name “PeKuPenguin” on both sites as an expansion of the “Where’s PeKu” campaign. Readers across the country have snapped photos of PeKu the Penguin in unique locations for which Twitter and Instagram have been utilized to publish these fun photos for their followers. Although PeKu Publications hopes that these social media expansions will attract new readers, they serve to freshen the PeKu experience for their current readers as well. Be sure to follow all of these additions on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and look for more to come as PeKu Publications continues to grow.

About PeKu Publications

PeKu Publications is an emergent Internet-based publishing company, which is home to 12 niche properties, featuring content in five unique sections. For more information about PeKu Publications go to or contact Michele Pesula Kuegler at

PeKu News- April 2015

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Spring floweringI hate to be repetitive, but it is another gorgeous day in New Hampshire. After a winter filled with below freezing temperatures and many feet of snow, it is wonderful to go outside, see the sun, and feel the warmth of a spring day.  I truly am appreciating the fact that I don’t have to wear a scarf and gloves.

As we appreciate the warmth and sunshine of April, it also is time to take notice of anniversaries and new hires at PeKu.

  • Our columnist, Marnie Bii, marks her one year anniversary at PeKu this month.  She writes on a variety of topics, including fashion bargains, pet care, home shopping, and healthy eating, among other subjects. She truly is a writer with great capacity for research!
  • Joan Jacobsen, our senior fitness expert, celebrates her second one year anniversary at PeKu. Joan had written for us for a little over a year during 2011 and 2012. She returned to us in April 2014 and has written monthly since then, inspiring our mature readers to add fitness to their schedules.
  • Our first new hire is C. Finkbeiner, who writes on Feathers Fins and Fur and Your Parenting Info. She will be focusing on pet fostering, animal rescues, and parenting children with special needs. We look forward to reading her insights.
  • Our second new hire is Lana Bandoim, whose first articles will publish next week. Lana will be writing about fashion and beauty bargains, romantic travel plans, and wedding planning. Whether you’re looking for information or inspiration on any of these topics, be sure to look for Lana’s articles.

Just like the emerging blooms outside my windows, we are seeing new growth here at PeKu. It looks like April is going to be a bright month!

What’s New in April?

Monday, April 6th, 2015

EY_April-Highlights_2015Here in New Hampshire, something new is the reappearance of sidewalks, shrubs, and yard decor. Yes, our snow is finally melting, and signs of spring are appearing. In our yard we don’t have any flowers blooming yet, but the songbirds have returned to the window outside of my office. Our chickens’ pen looks much larger, now that they have space to run instead of mounds of snow. So, while it may not be a typical April, after our snowy winter, it feels great.

At PeKu there are new things happening on a couple of our publications.

  1. Good Life Review is further embracing our female audience. Rather than writing about four generic arts experiences and four active adventures in our monthly destination, we are viewing travel from a few of the styles in which our readers travel- family vacation, romantic travel, girls’ trip, and budget travels. Within each of these styles we will share suggestions for lodging, arts destinations, and active daytrips in which you might want to partake. So, whether you and your best friend want to head to Paris or you’re thinking of seeing Vienna with your partner, we will have ideas to inspire.
  2. Feathers Fins and Fur has restructured its editorial calendar. We still will highlight favorite breeds of cats, dogs, fish, and more. As these animals are more akin to family than pets for so many of us, we also have decided to start writing about the products you’ll love for your feathered, furry, or finned friend. From food products to toys to homemade treatments for Fido, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we also have added a weekly column to highlight topics related to fostering and rescued pets.

Be sure to visit these two publications and let us know what you think. We’d love some feedback, as we aim to inspire, inform, and engage our audience.

Inspire. Inform. Engage.